Individuals Without Psychic Ability ARE Able to Obtain Psychic Ability

Carol Malone, is a scientist within the field of the paranormal. In research on psychic abilities, she knew that in almost every case of psychic ability the individual had right lobe brain damage, to the point of the left side of the brain started compensating for the damage of the right lobe.

She started working with manipulated lighting along with burial beats, which is known in the medical world was capable of amping up and slowing down different regions of the brain. Her thought was that if she could slow the right region of the brain mocking minimal brain damage and amping the left she could, in turn, give people without psychic abilities, psychic abilities.

 In 2013 her first prototype was created, and 9 years later the data, of over 300 tests have shown a positive outcome and over 90% of the uses. (Where individuals without psychic ability we’re able to obtain psychic ability.) She was successfully able to recreate psychic abilities in people without psychic abilities.

She is in great hopes, that by understanding the back region of the brain she will be able to slow down the process of all timers and schizophrenia, or that bipolar disorder, given millions of people more quality of life. 

She will be releasing the psychic mind machine at the end of 2022.

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