Are Young Avengers and West Coast Avengers Movies Coming Before Avengers 5?

An insider may have spilled the beans on Marvel’s Avengers 5 plans. While Kevin Feige has confirmed that plans for Avengers 5 have been set in motion, he didn’t reveal who will be part of the line-up or when the movie will release. But an insider who goes by the name of Main Middle Man on Twitter recently posted a series of tweets detailing how Marvel is setting up several different teams of Avengers. And it all has to do with the Disney+ series Armor Wars. Starring Don Cheadle, Armor Wars was announced last December, and takes place after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Like the eponymous comics, Armor Wars will see Tony Stark’s technology fall into the wrong hands. Writing is underway on the show, and it will begin filming in early 2022. However, the show won’t be as grounded and isolated as many are expecting. If reports are to be believed, Armor Wars will set up the West Coast Avengers. Moreover, the show will be “intense and immersive” on par with an MCU movie. These reports stem from the tweets of one mysterious Marvel insider, who, in the past, has made several correct predictions. Still, take them with a grain of salt. You can check out the tweets below.

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There will be an initial formation of the West Coast Avengers. Vision and other familiar faces are expected to make an appearance. From everything I have heard, it will be a very intense and immersive series, along the lines of the MCU, and will feature Zeke Stane.

— Main Middle Man (@mainmiddleman) September 20, 2021

For those unaware, the West Coast Avengers is a team founded by Hawkeye in the comics. Over time, Vision, War Machine, Moon Knight, The Thing, Wasp, Tigra, Scarlet Witch, and Mockingbird have been part of the roster. Many of these characters already exist in the MCU, while a few are debuting soon. Also, Ty Simpkins’ Harley Keener and Justin Hammer are expected to return in Armor Wars. This brings us to the topic of Young Avengers.

The Young Avengers consist of children or proteges of the original Avengers. Many of those have already appeared in the MCU. This includes Scarlett Witch’s children Speed (played by Jett Klyne) and Wiccan (played by Julian Hilliard) from WandaVision. Patriot (Elijah Bradley played by Elijah Richardson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and Kid Loki (played by Jack Veal in Loki). Although Harley keener is an original character, he could become the next Iron Man.

Furthermore, Hailee Steinfeld will be taking on the mantle of Hawkeye in the upcoming Disney+ show. Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang will be portrayed by Kathryn Newton in Ant-Man 3. Cassie Lang is famously known as Stature in the comics. Miss America (played by Xochitl Gomez) and Ironheart (played by Dominique Thorne) will be making their debut in the Doctor Strange and Black Panther sequels respectively.

At this point, it’s all but confirmed that a Young Avengers movie will happen in the near future. The introduction of so many Young Avengers team members can’t just be a coincidence. Whether the West Coast Avengers assemble in the MCU remains unconfirmed. As for Avengers 5, Kevin Feige said the following in a recent interview.

“We want there to be a reasonable amount of time from the Endgame to start a new saga, which is already underway and already started. Then you need some time as we did in phase one to build that saga before you start bringing everybody together.”

Shang-Chi has been declared Marvel’s newest Avenger in the promos, and the Eternals may follow suit. The pandemic has pushed back Marvel’s phase 4 slate by a year, and all the slots are filled till 2024, with Marvel prioritizing Blade, Deadpool 3, and Fantastic Four. So, don’t expect an Avengers movie anytime soon. This news originated at BGR.

You can view the original article HERE.

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