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Nothing is more regretful than participating in a triathlon swimming and knowing that you are only dismissed because you have not strictly followed the rules. Yes, it’s the most common problem people seem to have.

If you are interested in triathlon training and competition, you must know that it’s not as easy as you think, like a Spartan race or simple swimming. Instead, it’s a combination of some rules and regulations necessary to follow if you want to become a professional triathlete and, above all, to win a triathlon competition.

6 Triathlon Swimming Rules

Down in this post, we provided some standard and essential triathlon swim rules. International Triathlon Unit (ITU) is the first international platform that first organized these rules. Some of these are mentioned here.

Most people ask a question about what is recommended swimming distance for a triathlon. Many of the platforms have answered about it according to their view and knowledge. Its average distance is about 1500 meters which is 150 meters less than miles. But it’s not a final distance and maybe less or more depending upon race type.

For example, when the weather is nice, then long and ultra-long swimming distance is recommended for competition. Ultra long-distance is about 2.4 miles. On the other hand, ultra-long distances have more resting time.

Strokes are a piece of the necessary equipment that is recommended to use while swimming. Triathlon is allowed to use different types of strokes as per need and swimming environment. 

Some of these are for low competition, and some strokes are used when there is high competition. These strokes help to play and finish a swim race. 

Four types of strokes are common, including Breaststroke, backstroke, even butterfly, and freestyle. A freestyle stroke is the most common type and is used when triathlon plat fast swimming.

  • Use a Support in Case of Deep Water

The rules do not know most people who are probably new to swimming, and they don’t stop even if there is deep water which goes against the regime.

Ultimately, those are dismissed or disqualified. Remember that it’s eventually allowed to stop and use a kayak or any other support if there is deep water. You can also use any additional help like a rope or any other floatation instead of moving forward and welcoming dangers. 

So, hold your breath for a while when it’s deep water and use support as it’s a rule.

It’s an essential type of suit allowed to use while swimming to triathlons but only at specific temperature ranges. 

Here are three necessary conditions and temperature ranges which decide whether you are permitted to use a wetsuit or not. 

These are:

  • When the temperature is equal to 78 Degrees Fahrenheit or below, you can use this wetsuit without any fear because it’s allowed at this temperature range. All suites, including No sleeve, full sleeve, LAVA shorts, are recommended to use.
  • When the temperature is between 78 and 84 Degrees Fahrenheit, using a wetsuit is a complete option. You can wear this, but keep in mind that you won’t get any points or numbers in the result at this temperature. However, you are not dismissed in this situation.
  • Using a wetsuit is not allowed when the temperature is more than 84 Degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise, you are dismissed.
  • You can also read reviews about some best triathlon wetsuits via SRC Gadgets.

Most of the triathlons become diseased because they don’t make Rest while competing even if they need it. 

Remember that the first rule of every game is to rest when tired and not feeling well; the same is the case with this triathlon swimming race. 

You are allowed to make complete Rest when you think of health dangers or when you are tired. The reason is that your health is a top priority.

Do you need a swim cap for a triathlon? It is a frequently asked question, and most people are confused about it. 

Its need is an optional choice. However, you are only allowed to wear it when provided by a person who organizes a competition. In either case, you are disqualified for the swimming race.

Wrapping Up

Above are some general but important rules that are necessary to follow for every triathlon. 

Keep in mind that your health and human warfare is the most important thing. 

So, protect yourself and others including fellows, when you feel someone is facing a health issue. 

In this condition, you are advised to stop the race and help out the competitor. For more information about triathlon, keep reading our latest blogs.

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