A Blockbuster Ending Worthy of the Big Screen

The episode everyone was waiting for. WandaVision comes to an action-packed conclusion in a superhero battle royale worthy of the big screen. Episode Nine, “The Series Finale”, has two epic showdowns, Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) vs Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), and Vision (Paul Bettany) vs White Vision. To a less destructive extent, we also get fake Pietro (Evan Peters) fighting Monica (Teyonah Parris), and the boys (Julian Hilliard, Jett Klyne) taking down SWORD soldiers. Agatha’s evil scheme to steal Wanda’s powers comes to fruition. Wanda must choose between saving her beloved family and setting Westview free. She finally confronts her sorrow, while embracing her magical destiny to become the Scarlet Witch.

Episode Nine begins with the standard Marvel Studios intro. Agatha and Wanda are facing off in the street. Agatha has Billy and Tommy choked by her purple magic strings. She lowers to the street. “My powers work out here…or did you forget?” says Wanda. “No my dear…I am counting on it,” Agatha replies menacingly. She yanks the boys back, then Wanda hits her with a ball of red magic. Agatha is knocked on her back. The boys are released. “Go to your room now!” Wanda orders. Tommy grabs Billy and they flash away.

Agatha raises up, but is hit again by Wanda. “I take power from the undeserving,” Agatha gloats. She absorbs Wanda’s red energy. Wanda’s left hand has become aged and black. Agatha wallops her again and Wanda is sent tumbling backwards. “You are clearly over your little red head, so why don’t you just surrender your magic?” Agatha warns as she advances. She rises again in the air, “I’ll let you keep this little pathetic corner of the world to yourself. What do you say?”

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Wanda waves her hand and hits Agatha with a car. The car smashes into the front of Agatha’s house upside down. Wanda walks over to see Agatha’s boots under the wreckage. She looks in the shattered window glass to see the White Vision land behind her. “Vision…is it really you? she asks. The White Vision says her name, takes her face in his hands, and starts to crush her skull, “And I was told you were powerful.” Wanda screams in pain.

Vision flies into White Vision at full speed. Wanda is knocked loose as Vision throws White Vision into an RV, which explodes into a huge fireball. “Where are they boys?” Vision asks. “In their room…I should have told you everything,” Wanda responds. “It’s alright Wanda, I know why you made this world,” says Vision. Behind them, the White Vision emerges from the fire. “Oh…this is awkward…your ex and your boyfriend together at the same party,” Agatha slyly comments as she reappears on the roof.

“Vision, this is our home,” says Wanda. “Then let’s fight for it,” agrees Vision. He flies into White Vision, and they both soar into the sky. Agatha disappears and pops up in the distance by the water tower. Wanda flies towards her.

Monica bangs on a window to get their attention. “Don’t waste your breath babe,” laughs Pietro. He plays guitar on his couch as Monica runs to the door. He blocks her with his speed, and tosses her back with a flick of his finger.

Vision and White Vision fight above Westview. “Can’t we resolve this peacefully?” Vision offers. “Wanda Maximoff must be neutralized and you must be destroyed,” states White Vision. He tries to tear the yellow Mind Stone out of Vision’s head, but he dematerializes. Vision pushes him down into the ground. He crawls out of the crater, but is grabbed by White Vision.

At SWORD operations, Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) is monitoring the synthezoid battle. A handcuffed Jimmy (Randall Park) is brought in. “You’ll never be able to cover this up,” Jimmy warns. “I won’t have to. Wanda cancelled her show. There’s no footage proving more than one Vision. They’ll believe that the Vision that emerges from WestView is the same one she brought back to life,” retorts Hayward. Jimmy, still handcuffed, sits on a table. He surreptitiously grabs a cell phone and paper clip, then says, “Problem is my people at Quantico will have something to say about your plan…when they arrive…inside the hour.” Hayward thinks he’s bluffing. Jimmy is locked in a hay barn. He releases himself and makes a call, “Cliff, James Woo, I got a situation. I was hoping you could get here inside the hour.”

Wanda lands in the center of town. She’s hit in the back by Agatha’s purple magic. “Wanda, you’ve never faced off against another witch before. Do you know there’s an entire chapter devoted to you in the Darkhold? That’s the book of the damned,” Agatha lectures as she conjures the book. “The Scarlet Witch is not born. She is forged. She has no coven or need for incantation,” says Agatha. Wanda refutes her, “I am not a witch. No one taught me magic!” “Your power exceeds the Sorcerer Supreme. It’s your destiny to destroy the world,” Agatha warns.

Wanda refuses to believe her. Agatha releases Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford) from the spell. She cries to Wanda, her real name is Sarah, she has a daughter she wants to hold again. Wanda is horrified. “She’s your meat puppet. I just cut her strings,” laughs Agatha as she sets free the other townsfolk. Norm (Asif Ali), Herb (David Payton), Mrs. Hart (Debra Jo Rupp) and the other Westview citizens circle Wanda.

In his attic apartment, Pietro makes a blended smoothie. He tells Monica this is his man cave. Monica looks at a Westview electric bill, and then finds a headshot. His name is really Ralph Bohner. “How is she controlling you?” Monica wonders. She flips Ralph over and pins him to the ground. Her eyes glow blue as she sees he’s wearing a glowing purple necklace. Monica rips it off and Agatha’s spell is broken.

The Visions are still fighting in the air. White Vision unleashes his head laser and shreds Westview’s streets. Meanwhile, Billy and Tommy are watching the fracas from their room. Suddenly Billy is overcome by an influx of imagery. Their mother is in trouble. “We gotta go!” Billy says as he grabs his brother.

The townsfolk turn on Wanda. They berate her for what she’s done to them. Wanda tries to explain they’ll be fine. Norm angrily responds, “Will you let us sleep? We have your nightmares.” Wanda argues she brought them peace. “No, your grief is poisoning us,” replies Mrs. Hart. Wanda is overcome by their accusations. She screams and red energy pours out of her body. The townsfolk crumble as they are all choked by her power.

Wanda is even more horrified. “If you won’t let us go, then let us die,” begs Mrs. Hart. A crying Wanda agrees, “I will let you go.” “What’s stopping you? Heroes don’t torture people,” says Agatha. Wanda raises her hands and shoots red energy into the Hex. “Go, all of you, now!” Wanda screams as breaches appear in the Hex. The town buildings begin to fluctuate between different time periods. The people race to escape.

Hayward sees that the Hex is opening, “This is it. We’re going in!” Agatha cackles with glee as Vision and White Vision have a laser battle above. They are in a laser standoff, but Vision starts to fall apart with the Hex. He’s shot and plummets down. Meanwhile, the SWORD convoy races into Westview. Vision crashes before Wanda. She sees him crumbling. The same happens to Billy and Tommy when they arrive. They are ceasing to exist.

“You tied your family to this twisted world and now one can’t exist without the other. Save Westview or save your family,” smirks Agatha. Wanda sucks back in her energy and the Hex reforms. Vision and the boys run to join her. Agatha attacks. Wanda shields them with her power, but Agatha sucks in her magic. Agatha strengthens as both of Wanda’s arms are now blackened with age.

The family gets ready to fight as they are surrounded by White Vision, Agatha, and the SWORD convoy. “Boys, your mother and I never prepared you for this,” cautions Vision. “But you were born for this,” Wanda tells her sons. White Vision pushes Vision into the library. “My program is to destroy the Vision,” White Vision says coldly. Vision escapes his laser blast. Then puts him in a headlock, “But I am not the true Vision.” White Vision breaks free, then stops his attack, “I request elaboration.”

In the town center, Agatha lifts the soldiers with her magic and throws them down. “Same story, different century, there will always be torches and pitchforks for ladies like us,” Agatha comments. Wanda saves the soldiers from falling, and then turns to her sons, “Boys, handle the military. Mommy will be right back.” She soars towards Agatha.

Billy freezes the soldiers as Tommy speeds around to get their guns. Hayward gets out of his vehicle and starts shooting at them. Monica leaps in front of the barrage. Her eyes turn yellow, and then her body, as the bullets go through her, and then fall to the ground. Another shot flies by her head, but Billy uses his power to stop it. Hayward runs out bullets. He gets back in the car to ram them. But is smashed into by Darcy (Kat Dennings) in the funnel cake truck. “Have fun in prison.”

In the library, Vision asks White Vision, “Are you aware of the Ship of Theseus in identity metaphysics?” White Vision reasons, “The Ship of Theseus is in a museum. Over time its planks rot and are replaced by new ones. When no original plank remains…is it still the Ship of Theseus?” Vision then responds that if the original planks are restored and used, which ship is the original?

White Vision understands the conundrum, “But I do not have the Mind Stone.” Vision disagrees, “I have no original material. But you do have the data. It is merely being kept from you.” White Vision realizes he is “a weapon to be more easily controlled.” Vision gently approaches, “As a carbon based synthezoid, your memory is not easily wiped.” He touches White Visions head and releases his memories. In a flash of images, White Vision remembers everything. His crystal briefly becomes yellow. His eyes change to normal. “I am Vision,” White Vision mutters. He flies away through the glass ceiling.

Vision rejoins the boys and Monica outside. Agatha watches them from a nearby rooftop. Wanda appears beside her. She hexes Agatha. Transporting them both back to Salem. Agatha is again tied to the pillar. Her coven’s witches come back to life. But they turn on Wanda, “You are the Scarlet Witch…harbinger of chaos.” Agatha is released. The witches bind Wanda with magic to the pillar. “You can’t win. Power isn’t your problem. It’s knowledge,” says Agatha.

A red crown appears on Wanda’s head. This is Agatha’s moment, “Give me your power and I will correct the flaws in your original spell. You will never have to feel this pain again.” Wanda releases a wave of red energy, knocking the witches back, and freeing herself. She hurls Agatha off the roof. They fly into the air above Westview.

Everyone watches from below as they fight. “Take it…I don’t want it!” Wanda screams as she hurls red energy at Agatha, who inhales her power. Vision flies to the rescue, but is stopped by Wanda. Agatha flies around as Wanda throws balls of red magic into the Hex. Vision lands and embraces the boys. Outside the Hex, Jimmy and the FBI reinforcements watch as it glows with Wanda’s power.

“Release your burden! I want it all!” Agatha screams. Wanda pours all of her magic into Agatha. She withers with age as Agatha cackles, “About our deal..once cast…a spell can never be changed. This world will always be broken, just like you.” Agatha raises her arms to finish Wanda off, but nothing happens. The withered Wanda suddenly reverts to normal. Her hands are no longer blackened.

Runes appear in the Hex walls around them. As they hover in the clouds, Wanda calmly states, “In a given space, only the witch that casts them can use her magic. Thanks for the lesson. But I don’t need you to tell me who I am.” Wanda’s red crown appears. She pulls back all the magical power from Agatha. In a blaze of fiery red , Wanda emerges in full costume as the Scarlet Witch. “Oh God…you don’t know what you’ve done,” Agatha whispers.

Wanda lowers them both to the ground. Agatha collapses. “I’ll give you the roll you chose..the nosey neighbor,” Wanda tells her. “You have no idea what you’ve unleashed, you’re gonna need me,” begs Agatha. “If I do…I know where to find you,” says Wanda as she touches her. Agatha is transformed back into Agnes, “Hiya hon…say that’s some kind of get up you’re wearing. Did I leave the oven on or is that just you…hot stuff?”

The Scarlet Witch hugs her children. “I know you’ll set everything right…just not for us,” says Vision. Wanda sadly agrees. Monica watches as the family heads home. The Hex starts to shrink. Everything that was changed turns back to normal. Vision and Wanda, in full superhero regalia, hold hands as they lead their boys to the front door. The Hex is seen in the background coming closer.

They revert back to normal clothes as they enter. Wanda and Vision tuck Billy and Tommy into bed. “Your mother and I are very proud of you both,” Vision praises his sons. “A family is forever. We can never truly leave each other,” Wanda says warmly as they both kiss the children. They say goodnight as the Hex looms outside the window. A teary Wanda’s last words to her children, “Boys…thanks for choosing me to be your mom.” She closes the bedroom door as they sleep.

Wanda looks at a family photo in the living room as she turns off the lights. Vision turns them back on, “I wanted to see you clearly.” They see the Hex coming closer. “What am I?” asks Vision. “You, Vision, are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me. You are a body of wires, blood, and bone I created. You are my sadness, my hope, but mostly you are my love,” cries Wanda. They kiss tenderly. A single tear falls down Vision’s cheek, “I am now a memory made real…who knows what I may be next. We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason…” “That we will say hello again,” Wanda hopes. The Hex washes over them. They hold each other as Vision disintegrates into yellow sparkles, “So long darling.”

Wanda stands alone on the empty house foundation in a returned Westview. She walks to the town square past everyone. The people look at her, but say nothing. They watch as she approaches Monica. “They’ll never know what you sacrificed for them,” Monica doesn’t hate Wanda. “Given the chance, given your power, I would bring my mom back,” she says honestly. Wanda apologizes for all the pain she caused, “I don’t understand this power, but I will.” As sirens are heard, Wanda and Monica say their goodbyes. Wanda changes back into the Scarlet Witch, and flies from Westview as the sun rises.

In a mid-credits scene, Jimmy is seen commanding the FBI response team in Westview. “Authority looks good on you,” Monica praises. She also says that Darcy already left, “Debriefs aren’t her thing.” An FBI agent leads Monica into the theater, but it is empty. The agent turns into a Skrull, “I was sent by an old friend of your mother’s. He heard you’d been grounded. He’d like to meet with you.” When Monica asks “where”, the Skrull smiles and points upwards.

In the post-credits final scene, the camera pans around a beautiful mountain lake. A cabin sits at the edge of the water. Wanda is seen on the terrace holding a cup. A kettle is heard whistling. She goes inside to the stove, but the camera continues to the bedroom. The Scarlet Witch is floating in the air, surrounded by red magic, reading the Darkhold. Suddenly she hears the voices of her children, “Mom…help…please!”

WandaVision ends with many questions still lingering. Wanda becomes the Scarlet Witch, but according to Agatha, is destined to destroy the world. Could she be the villain of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Agatha clearly states that the Scarlet Witch is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. It was also surprising that Dr. Strange did not have a cameo. It’s still unclear how the show will lead into that movie, but we did hear Billy and Tommy calling for help in the final scene.

Vision gave the White Vision his memories back. It stands to reason the rebuilt Vision would also have feelings for Wanda. The love story at the center of the show was beautifully told. Their scenes together were brilliant across the board. They ran the gamut from silly and hilarious to downright heartbreaking. I sincerely hope we see Vision and Wanda together again as a couple.

Evan Peters was not the Quicksilver from the Fox universe. He was just a wanker that Agatha bewitched to play Pietro. That said, I still feel that these scenes will somehow play into the X-Men entering the MCU. Maybe Wanda will encounter that version of Pietro in the Multiverse. There was no Professor X or Magneto cameos, so the wait continues for a true X-Men crossover.

Agatha Harkness is clearly still an important player. Wanda has the Darkhold, but may not know how to use it. She’ll probably need Agatha’s knowledge to fully understand its power. Señor Scratchy, the evil rabbit, was not addressed in the finale. I’d bet that furball is a cloaked Mephisto or Nightmare. Maybe the satanic critter helps Agatha break Wanda’s spell?

Another interesting reveal was Jimmy’s call to “Cliff” for help. This could be a nod to Cliff Randal, a character from the comics, and the upcoming Nick Fury-led Secret Invasion series. The Skrulls are involved in that storyline and Monica has been recruited. It’s logical to assume that Nick Fury is the man who wants to meet her.

WandaVision was supremely entertaining from beginning to end. Kudos to director Matt Shakman and showrunner Jac Schaeffer for their excellent work. The series was incredibly creative, well-acted, and produced. It seamlessly transitioned from a campy sitcom satire to a tragic love story. Then ended on an ass-kicking, blockbuster note. Marvel Studios continues to deliver excellence. WandaVision can be seen in its entirety exclusively on Disney+.

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