Days of Our Lives Round Table: Abigail Orders Gwen to Have an Abortion!

Someone in a red coat shot Charlie, Kristen and Sami held secrets over each other, Ben almost drugged Ciara, and Abigail ordered Gwen to end her pregnancy.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Soaps4Ever and DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abigail’s ultimatum, who killed Charlie Dale, Brady’s romantic prospects, and if Ben’s plan had any merit on Days of Our Lives.

Did John see Belle shoot Charlie Dale, or was it someone else? What’s your theory?

Soaps4Ever: I think who John saw looked like it could be Belle, but I don’t think it is. There is the circumstantial evidence with Belle’s red coat missing a button and Rafe finding a red button at Charlie’s apartment.

But perhaps the killer is not someone you would necessarily suspect.

Jack: I think it was someone else wearing a similar coat (or Belle’s coat). From the clip we saw so far, it seemed like he only saw the shooter from the back. Knowing the current writers’ love for doppelgangers, I’m sure it was someone disguised as Belle.

The most likely suspect is Jan, but having Jan secretly wake up from a coma, go kill Charlie, and then go back to the hospital and pretend to be unconscious, is farfetched even for this show!

Of course, Kristen seems to have an endless supply of lookalike masks, so it could be her, but that’s not likely, and she’d have no reason to do that. If she was going to frame anyone, it would be Chloe.

DoolFan4Life: I don’t think it makes sense for it to be Belle because she went ballistic on Sami for lying about touching the gun and wouldn’t represent her. That doesn’t mean the writers will ignore this and pretend it didn’t happen.

This has been a weird who-done-it story as it has sort of dropped and picked up again. It seems the writers chose the killer late into it. I hope it’s not Belle because, to me, it makes no sense.

Christine: I’m betting it’s Claire wearing her mother’s coat. Claire’s been on my radar for a while now, mainly because they’ve pointed the finger at everyone else.

It’s not as though Claire hasn’t tried to kill someone before. She may have gone to confront Charlie once again, things got heated, and she realized he was never going to stop hurting the people she cared about.

Either way, it would really surprise me if it turned out to be Belle.

Should Sami and Lucas out Kristen or go along with her plan to keep Chloe away from Brady?

Soaps4Ever: I think Sami should have gone to the police about Kristen and not told anyone else. Secrets always have a way of getting out anyway, so what is the point of Sami going along with Kristen.

I also thought it was absurd that Kristen was so determined that Sarah not tell her secret that she poisoned her and stuffed her in a trunk. And yet, she outs herself to Sami, no problem.

I kind of liked the Kristen/Susan switch at first, but now I am tired of it. The story doesn’t seem to make much sense, and I hope that Kristen will be found out soon.

Jack: They should 100% out Kristen. I hate that the normally strong, take-no-prisoners Sami is kowtowing to Kristen for no reason at all.

Instead of goading Kristen about calling Brady, all Sami had to do was tell Kristen to back off if she didn’t want her to go through with it. The old Sami would have told her where she could go with her threats, too.

DoolFan4Life: They should totally double-cross her. If anyone is able to take on Kristin’s mind games, it’s Sami. The only thing better than Sami is Sami and Lucas, as they were once a very diabolical scheming pair; another thing the writers have apparently forgotten.

A Sami/Lucas takedown is way more entertaining than her doing Kristin’s bidding, and Brady will probably still stay with Kristin after it’s exposed because she’s “changed,” so what was the point of this nonsense anyway?

Christine: Oh, they should definitely out Kristen, but do it in a way that doesn’t blow back on them. The problem is, Sami feels incredibly guilty for cheating on EJ, and that’s clouding her otherwise fierce nature.

Did Abigail have the right to tell Gwen to end her pregnancy? If Gwen is pregnant, what should she do?

Soaps4Ever: I can understand Abigail’s feelings. Her words were said out of anger, yet she does have a point. I can’t blame Abigail for feeling the way she does. But ultimately, it is Gwen’s decision whether or not she wants to keep the baby.

I do think it is strange that she’s been pregnant for three months and just now having morning sickness plus, she didn’t suspect any other changes in her body? Makes me wonder if the baby is really Chad’s.

And Jack and Abigail are assuming she’s telling the truth that the baby is Chad’s. If the baby really is his, ending the pregnancy might be the right choice. But we don’t know for sure that he’s really the father.

Jack: Of course not. As Jack told her, it is her body, not Abigail’s. Abigail has been drifting toward unlikable, and this totally crossed the line.

I’m glad Days of Our Lives is at least paying lip service to being pro-choice, though we know that at the very most, Gwen will change her mind at the abortion clinic because that’s what this show always does.

Gwen needs to think over her options and decide what she wants to do, irrespective of how many tantrums Abigail throws.

Abigail is being incredibly self-centered and making EVERYTHING about her. Gwen throwing up was a plot to humiliate her. Gwen having Chad’s baby (if it is Chad’s — I thought they didn’t actually sleep together?) is a plot to interfere in Abby’s marriage.

Abigail is becoming a malignant narcissist, and she should have zero say in what Gwen ultimately decides to do.

DoolFan4Life: No one has the right to tell anyone that, and even though I hate Gwen and I get why Abby reacted that way, I don’t think Gwen should decide this because Abby said so.

If Gwen is pregnant, it’s probably not Chad’s. I think Rolf used her for the Stefano clone, so I don’t see an abortion happening. I think Gwen is just milking the opportunity to get revenge on Abby.

Christine: I’m going to go with Gwen is really pregnant, and it is Chad’s. I know we never saw them actually do the deed, but neither of them has ever really denied it either. And although three months is a bit far along to not know, it’s also not outside the realm of possibility.

I get that Gwen having Chad’s baby would put an incredible strain on Abby’s already damaged marriage, but this doesn’t just affect her. Chad might not appreciate his wife deciding on the fate of his unborn child, no matter how that child came into existence.

Gwen has done despicable things, but she created this child with Chad’s help. And it’s also Jack’s grandchild. Abigail has the right to be angry but what she’s doing is incredibly selfish, bordering on cruel.

Nicole is pushing Brady towards Chloe and wants him to break up with Kristen? Who would you prefer to see Brady paired with?

Soaps4Ever: I don’t think Brady should be with either Kristen or Chloe, and Nicole shouldn’t be trying to persuade him.

I don’t see why Brady keeps forgiving Kristen when she keeps doing horrible things and never stops, and she is way too possessive.

I think Chloe and Brady work well as friends, and I kind of feel that ship has sailed for them to be a couple, although I do like Chloe. I feel like Brady should just take some time and raise his daughter and maybe not be in a relationship right now.

Jack: This whole thing is irritating. All of a sudden, all of Salem thinks they get to tell Brady that Kristen is no good for him, just as Kristen is acting crazy again. What an obnoxious coincidence.

If Brady loves Kristen, he should be with her, full stop. Though I want her literally unmasked so he can decide whether he wants to put up with someone who is so jealous and insecure that they break out of jail and masquerade as someone else.

And is anyone ever going to find out what she did to Sarah?

DoolFan4Life: Nicole is nosey, pushy, and annoying. Quite frankly, she’s awfully judgmental for someone who’s done despicable things herself.

Brady and Kristin belong together. They’re both narcissistic and self-serving and should only be paired with each other.

Christine: Brady actually forgave Kristen for pretending to be Nicole and conceiving a child with him. After all that, he still declared his love for her, and they became a family. It’s not like he doesn’t know she’s crazy.

Plus, Brady jumps from bed to bed so quickly, I almost don’t blame Kristen for being paranoid.

In the end, this astonishingly dysfunctional couple is perfect for each other. Chloe and Nicole need to stop being so annoyingly judgmental and just move on to something else to stick their noses into.

Ben tried to give Ciara Dr. Rolf’s drug, but it backfired. React!

Soaps4Ever: I thought it was ridiculous that Ben was wanting to hurry up the process of Ciara getting her memory back with the serum. He was desperate, but it was too risky, and he should be grateful that he has gotten to experience a somewhat normal life, considering his past.

Obviously, he has to let Ciara go, for now, she is not the same person, and only time will tell if her good memories of Ben will return.

Jack: Ben had no right to do that in the first place. I don’t care how much he thinks he loves Ciara; you don’t inject someone with a drug against their will. There was no difference between what he tried to do to Ciara and what Abigail tried to do to Gwen.

If he wanted Ciara to have the drug, he should have brought it to Marlena and asked her to talk to Ciara about consenting to it. Period.

I was glad Theo stopped him. Whatever anyone thinks of Theo’s feelings for Ciara, he was right that Ben was attacking Ciara at that moment.

DoolFan4Life: Once a psychopath, always a psychopath. This was wrong on so many levels. This drug is not only illegal, but it has side effects, or did everyone forget Will’s tumor?

Not to mention Ciara is still in the hospital. It could react with any other drugs she’s being given. Also, he’s not a health care professional, and he was just going to stab her with it anywhere?

And of course, there’s the issue of consent which he didn’t have. Ciara is really annoying, but she still had a right to decide.

Christine: If he was going to inject her, maybe he shouldn’t have stopped to give his monologue first. She was only sleeping, not in a coma!

But no, he had no right to give her the drug in the first place. It’s still Ciara’s body, and she has the right to say what’s put into it. If someone else had tried to do that to Ciara, Ben would have been furious.

Xander and Chanel are supposedly married? What should happen next?

Soaps4Ever: Obviously, a quickie divorce would be ideal, but of course, that is not going to happen.

Chanel seems like a one-note character, but she might have some endearing qualities. Perhaps the writers will explore that. I’m sure there will be some twists and turns before this marriage is untangled.

Maybe the two will eventually be friends when it is all over. Honestly, I believe Sarah is his soulmate, and with her not on the show, I don’t know what will happen with Xander, but hopefully, something good can come out of this situation.

Jack: What I think should happen probably won’t. But I would love for Paulina to go full tough love on Chanel.

Tell her that since she thinks she’s got it made now and doesn’t even need to tell Paulina, she’s not coming home tonight, have a nice life with Xander. Call me when you’ve come to your senses. And then turn her back on her.

I know that sounds harsh, but I haven’t seen one interaction between Paulina and Chanel that doesn’t revolve around Chanel wanting to get money out of Paulina. That unhealthy dynamic will never change until Paulina makes good on her promise to cut Chanel off and doesn’t enable her nonsense one bit.

DoolFan4Life: An annulment should happen or a visit to Maury Povich. Xander takes a lie detector test. It’s ridiculous, yes, but so was this plotline.

Christine: Obviously, if there really was a marriage, it should be annulled immediately, but this is Salem so that probably won’t happen.

I will admit I kind of liked it when neither Xander nor Chanel knew each other’s names. It just added to the ridiculousness of their situation.

Which of the week’s storyline’s frustrated you the most?

Soaps4Ever: Definitely the Kristen/Chloe/Brady scenario and the problems that go along with it.

And that Kristen revealed herself to Sami for truly no good reason and blew her cover. Sami isn’t the key to keeping Chloe and Brady apart, even if she has a plan for doing it.

Jack: I’m a huge Lumi fan, so the fact that Sami is still insisting that EJ is the real love of her life and is pushing Lucas toward Chloe just because Kristen said so really annoyed me.

I felt like the writers were shoving it in our faces that Lucas and Sami are not end game and never will be.

Also, Claire falling so quickly for Jan’s manipulations… really? Did she learn nothing from not only Round 1 with Jan but also from Chanel almost sticking her with a $600 champagne bill?

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the stupidity of Belle’s agreement with Jan. John was right. Jan should be prosecuted and let the chips fall where they may with his case.

DoolFan4Life: Ciara and Ben’s story is running my patience thin as it was no good to begin with. I’m also tired of Kristin, and I wish she’d just go back to prison off-screen.

Christine: The two most frustrating stories are Chloe/Brady/Kristen, with the nosey Nicole kicker. Watching Chloe simper and beg for Brady’s attention is nauseating.

And yet, it’s still more watchable than listening to Ciara shriek at Ben and make goo-goo eyes at Theo. I can’t wait to get these two plots off my screen.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4Ever: The scenes between Allie and Tripp were nice. It’s good to see some happy moments once in a while instead of all the conflict.

Jack: I liked Shawn calling Belle out on her BS with Jan.

I also really liked Allie and Tripp (and we got a Roman sighting out of it too!) I didn’t think I’d like these two as a couple after the horrible way Allie’s rape storyline was handled, but they have potential!

DoolFan4Life: I liked that Nicole describes Susan as crafty. I hope it’s foreshadowing that she’s on to her. If she’s going to keep up the nosey Nicole thing, she may as well be useful and speed this up.

I also liked scenes with Tripp and Steve together.

And I surprisingly enjoyed watching the bit of Philip and Gabi. I didn’t expect that. They are not half bad together, and it’s a nice change to see Gabi go out with Philip instead of dangerously scheming.

Christine: I love Sami and Lucas working together, even if I hate what they’re trying to do. I even enjoyed Sami and Kristen. There’s nothing more fun than having two world-class schemers sharing their plans, even if they don’t like one another.

And Allie and Tripp have the potential to be a very sweet couple, and Salem really needs that right now.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics!

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