Loki Episode 1.3 Recap: Train Ride on Lamentis

The third Loki episode is titled “Lamentis”. It opens with C-15 (Sasha Lane) and the Variant (Sophia Di Martino) drinking fruity drinks at a bar. C-15 wonders if they should order “buffalo fingers.” The Variant banters along like a bestie, describing what “brain freeze” actually does. She dares C-15 to drink, then casually asks, “How many people are guarding the Time-Keepers?”

The outside scene changes to night as C-15 looks confused. The Variant asks again, suddenly C-15 realizes, “I don’t know you.” The scene cuts to the Roxxcart security office. The Variant is touching the unconscious hunter on her head. C-15 gives her the information to find the TVA’s elevators. The Variant looks at the security monitors and sees the Minutemen team entering.

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The Variant exits a portal into the TVA. She tries to enchant a guard, but it doesn’t work. She disintegrates him with his baton. Then makes short work of his back up. Loki leaps out of the portal before it closes. He sees the red lockers and takes his daggers. He walks past dead bodies. The Variant reaches the elevators and dispatches the guards. She turns around to see Loki approaching.

He wants to talk. She whips out her sword and they scuffle briefly. “I thought we could work together,” reasons Loki. She kicks him down. They fight again to a draw, but are interrupted by Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and the Minutemen. The Variant puts her sword to Loki’s neck and threatens to kill him. “Go ahead,” says Ravonna as she advances. Loki activates the TemPad and they fall through a portal in the floor.

Loki and the Variant land with a thud in a mining shed. She sees the TemPad on the ground. They fight for it. She gets it back, but it’s “out of juice.” Loki vanishes, reappears behind her, and grabs the device. He uses magic to make it disappear. Before she can attack again, a small meteor comes crashing through the ceiling between them. “Where did you send us?” she asks aloud.

A blue tinged, rocky mining camp is being hit with meteors. A title card reads “Lamentis-1 2077”. The camera pans upward into the purple sky to show a moon breaking apart. “You idiot! This is Lamentis-1! That moon is about to crash into the planet!” the Variant screams as they go outside. “Of all the apocalypses on the TemPad…this is the worst. No one makes it out of here,” she continues as they dodge meteors.

They find safety in another mining shack. The Variant touches her hands on Loki’s neck. “Are you trying to enchant me?” he smirks. His “mind is too strong.” They both bare their weapons again. Loki asks for a “truce.” She demands to know where he hid it. He responds she won’t get far without it, “You need me to get it recharged.” She’s furious, “You ruined a plan that was years in the making!” She promises to “kill him” after they find a way out. They leave to “find power.”

She demands he stop calling her Loki. “That’s not who I am anymore. I am Sylvie now,” as she reveals her name. They argue about what makes Loki a Loki as meteors rain down around them. Sylvie chastises him for “working with the boring time police.” He responds he’s only a “consultant.” They come to an abandoned town. They only have “twelve hours.” Loki points to a neon sign. She mocks him, “The TemPad requires a massive power source, not a night light.”

They see a house on the plain. Sylvie grabs her sword. Loki warns her,” Brute force is no substitute for diplomacy and guile.” Sylvie kicks open the door and is shot with an energy weapon by a homesteader (Susan Gallagher). She goes tumbling into the dirt. Loki sees a picture, then impersonates the homesteader’s husband. She shoots him as well. He lands flatly beside Sylvie. She tells them that everyone is fleeing to “the ark.” A train will get them there, but you need “a ticket.”

Loki and Sylvie see a crowd of peasant miners lined up at the train station. The blue-armored guards are only letting in the wealthy citizens with tickets. Sylvie wants to “hijack the train.” Loki pretends to be a guard and leads her up to the platform. But are stopped when they don’t have tickets. Sylvie enchants the guard blocking the door and they are let on the train.

Loki, still dressed as a guard, takes her to the first-class lounge. They sit and she yells at him for his “simple plan.” They are both tired, but don’t trust each other to sleep. She asks Loki who “taught him magic.” He fondly remembers his mother, “She was good, purely decent.” Sylvie scoffs, and Loki admits he was adopted. She was as well. Sylvie barely “remembers” her mother. Loki shoots fireworks from his palm. One of the first tricks his mother taught him. He asked how she learned to enchant people. She taught herself. A waitress brings champagne. Sylvie refuses, so he drinks both glasses.

They discuss love. He conjures a quill as a joke. She has “no beau”, but a fleeting relationship with a “postman” across time “to keep her going.” Loki admits to being bisexual. As does she. Sylvie wonders if “love is mischief.” The train thunders on as huge chunks of the moon crash down on Lamentis.

Sylvie wakes up to jubilant singing. Loki has dropped his guard uniform and is leading the cabin in Asgardian folk songs. Slyvie watches as a disgruntled passenger walks out. He sees her and begins to serenade even louder. Then chugs a drink before smashing the glass. “You’re drunk,” she accuses. He tries to give her a snack with “the Figgy Port.” She tells him another passenger walked out. He accuses her of being “paranoid.”

Loki approaches her. He has an answer to her question. “Love is a dagger. It’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful…until it makes you bleed. But when you reach…it isn’t real.” He makes his dagger disappear to prove a point. The doors open and a contingent of guards walk in. They demand to see their “tickets.”

Loki and Sylvie get into a huge brawl. Sylvie takes off her broken crown and uses it as a weapon. Loki is thrown out the window. Sylvie jumps out after him. The train motors on. Slyvie fluffs her hair, then puts her sword to Loki’s neck, “Give me the TemPad.” He materializes it, but the device was smashed in his fall. “You a**hole! You’ve killed us!” Sylvie fumes. She screams in frustration. Then sits down dejected.

Loki plops down beside her. Meteors continue to fall. He asks about “the ark.” She reminds him that it gets destroyed. “Never had us on it,” he smirks. So, “We hijack the ark and make sure it gets off this moon?” she responds. Sylvie agrees and they walk on the tracks towards the city.

Loki complains about walking. He feels he’s talked about himself, and “knows nothing about her.” She explains how enchanting works. Sylvie physically touches someone, and “then grabs hold of their mind. In order to hold the connection. I have to create a fantasy from their memories.” She talks about C-15. Her memory was from “hundreds of years ago”, before she was a part of TVA. He was told that TVA employees “were created by the Time-Keepers.” C-15 was just a “regular person from Earth.” Sylvie tells him, “They are all Variants…like us.” Loki is stunned to learn this.

They reach the ark in the city. Crowds have gathered in front and are demanding to be let on the ship. An announcer says, “Five minutes to launch.” Loki and Sylvie try to run around the side. Explosions rock the city as the moon breaks up in the sky. They are both knocked down. They fight more guards, but have to take cover.

Buildings come crashing down. Loki uses his powers to stop them from being flattened. They race towards the ark. It is hit by a giant meteor and explodes in two. Loki looks on in disbelief. Sylvie walks away in disgust. Episode four premieres next Wednesday on Disney+.

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