The Best TV Seasons Of All Time

Do you think it’s possible to determine the best TV seasons of all time? We’re certainly going to try! Television had its golden age for sure, but we are in a really good spot of late with some amazing programs, and some of them are simply perfect. We’re talking recent shows like Breaking Bad, for example. Breaking Bad Season 5 – the last season of Breaking Bad – saw everything come together for Walter White. The episode Ozymandias in particular stands out for its perfect storytelling and mood. Will we ever see a Breaking Bad season 6? Probably not, but Walter White certainly went out with a bang.

Jessica Jones season 1 stands above – or right above – all other Marvel Netflix shows. The conflicted hero that doesn’t want to be one – played by Krysten Ritter – not only has to battle her own personal demons and the bottle, but also the mind-controlling Kilgrave. Jessica Jones season 2 is great, but season 1 really weaves a tale that is complex yet rewarding for both her character and the viewer.

Not everything has to be dark and gritty to be great, however. Parks and Recreation proved that a show could be witty, hilarious, and brilliant all at the same time. Parks and Rec season 4 hit everything perfectly. It’s no surprise that season 4 featured Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport, dropping in funny scenes every time we saw him. Parks and Rec was a great show, but season 4 stands out among all others as the best season they put together.

Breaking Bad season 5 | 0:11
Lost season 1 | 1:09
Parks and Recreation season 4 | 1:54
Jessica Jones season 1 | 2:51
Justified season 2 | 3:31
Bloodline season 1 | 4:34
New Girl season 4 | 5:05
Game of Thrones season 6 | 5:52
True Detective season 1 | 6:31
Westworld season 1 | 7:44
The Sopranos season 2 | 8:33
The Wire season 4 | 9:18

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