What to Watch: The Nevers, Younger, Monday

As we grow ever closer to summer, some shows are beginning to take more hiatuses.

How annoying.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to keep you occupied. Check out what to watch this week.

Saturday, April 10

8/7c Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story (Lifetime)

Lifetime is bringing the sexy on Saturday with the first chapter of their Seven Deadly Sins Story, Lust, based on Victoria Christopher Murray’s novel.

It’s executive produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes and stars R&B veterans Keri Hilson and Tank. Hilson stars as Tiffanie, a woman who is about to have her dream wedding with the guy she claims she loves more than anything else. However, her groom’s best man, Trey, catches her eye and a few other parts.

It’s about a deadly sin for a reason, people. Tiffanie’s entire world is about to implode for some, uh, “D.”

Sunday, April 11

8/7c Batwoman (The CW)

It’s all about the memories as Julia looks for answers for her missing ones and Jacob tries to eradicate his.

Enigma looks like she’s going to be one busy supervillain.

Black Mask and the False Face Society (anyone else giggling at the FFS acronym?) continue to run the business as usual despite the Bat Team’s best efforts. Tune in for new faces and old issues!

8/7c Beware of the Midwife (Lifetime)

Having your first child should be a blessing and a good time, and a happy couple wants to ensure they have the best experience. It’s why these first-time parents enlist the help of a revered midwife to help them deliver their child at home.

Unfortunately, they have no idea of who they let into their home, and more importantly, near their newborn child.

This family thriller follows a couple’s midwife experience from hell when the woman they trusted to help bring a life into the world kidnaps their pride and joy.

9/10c Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC)

Zoey’s powers start glitching after she seems a medium. Will she spontaneously burst into song again, or will something new happen?

Plus, we have to find what happened now that Zoey and Simon shared a kiss.

Are they officially dating? How will Max react?

9/8c When Calls the Heart (Hallmark)

Christopher grows closer to Rachel on the next episode. But will everyone be on board?

Let’s be real. The most important question on everyone’s mind is what the heck Nathan knows about Fort Clay.

You’re going to want to tune in to see one whopper of a reveal that promises to change everything!

9/8c The Nevers (HBO)

Joss Whedon’s long-awaited fantasy show appears on HBO, but it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Victorian London is rocked to its foundations by a supernatural event that gives certain people — mostly women — abnormal abilities, from the wondrous to the disturbing. But no matter their particular “turns,” all who belong to this new underclass are in grave danger.

It falls to mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and brilliant young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter these gifted “orphans.” To do so, they will have to face the brutal forces determined to annihilate their kind.

9/8c Shameless (Showtime)

It’s the last call for the Gallaghers.

The series concludes after 10 years and 11 seasons, but not without a fitting send-off.

Frank’s life is very much on the line after his overdose, and the rest of the family make some strides to improve their lives.

Will they all leave the South Side behind?

9/8c Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead (HMM)

Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott are back for more with crossword creator Tess and Detective Logan.

When Tess lends her expertise to a well-known game show with a ton of fans, murder follows but also puts her in connection with an old flame.

Find out how Logan will react to a new fellow in Tess’ life and how they’ll come together to solve another murder!

9/8c Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

This spinoff of The Walking Dead continues with the second half of its sixth season, and if the first two episodes are any indication, the show is returning to the quality levels of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3.

The characters are pushed in unimaginable directions, providing bigger stakes than before.

This is the show we’ve been missing for years, and if the stars align, it could emerge as the best season.

Monday, April 12

8/7c All American (CW)

Spencer is upset with Olivia, which leaves him to face some difficult truths of his own.

Olivia makes things even worse, leaving Billy, Laura, and Jordan worried.

Billy is searching for a kicker and holds school tryouts and is surprised at who the number one candidate turns out to be.

Meanwhile, Montes gives Asher a tough choice about his football career, and Coop decides school after talking with her mom.

9/8c All Rise (CBS)

All Rise is back with an all-new episode, the first of SEVEN, so thank goodness those breaks are over!

Lola is back in the fray and learning new things like about that kiss between Rachel and Mark and how Nessa is doing on her performance review for her internship.

Meanwhile, Mark looks into why Luke is on a list of cops that Deep Throat shared with him. Check out a compilation of the sneak peeks for the episode below!

10/9c Debris (NBC)

Bryan and Finola head to Maine to pursue an INFLUX lead, but they discover a volatile situation where a young girl has lost her father to debris.

Meanwhile, Maddox learns Anson’s secrets.

Will this be the first episode when Bryan and Finola are on the same page?

Tuesday, April 13

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

One of TV Fanatic’s favorite medical dramas is FINALLY back! We have so much we need to find out when we check back in with Chastain. Devon comes face to face with Nadine and her child, which may or may not be his, and it prompts him to make some choices about his romantic life.

Meanwhile, Mina’s Visa status is on the line, and she faces deportation just when she’s going to meet AJ’s parents.

Get a look at the promo below!

9/8c Prodigal Son (FOX)

Our favorite murder family is back, and things are about to get good! Simon Hoxley (Alan Cumming) is in New York investigating Endicott’s murder, and he has the Whitlys on his radar. The same Whitly family that is spiraling as the quest to keep Ainsley and Malcolm’s actions under wraps gets infinitely harder.

Meanwhile, Martin and the new doc are getting pretty damn close, and it appears as if she may have a dark street of her own. She sure as heck has some insane chemistry with Martin, though. Too insane.

Yup, it’s all kind of bonkers and fun!

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

It’s another powerful hour of an exceptional season when Max focuses on offering free healthcare to HIV+ patients on National HIV Testing Day. He learns about a lifetime of discrimination that gay men have faced, particularly when it comes to not being allowed to donate blood, and Max does what he can to make things right.

Bloom and Reynolds are at odds because of their different bedside manner when treating their patients.

Meanwhile, after Helen makes some huge decisions in her life to make room for her niece, she learns that she may need more help than she anticipated.

Wednesday, April 14

Kung Fu (The CW)

Nicky continues having a hard time adjusting to life at home and is still coping with the loss of her Shifu. With the aid of Henry, the hunt for Zhilan continues.

Jin and Mei-Li try to adjust to normal life after Jin’s life-threatening injury, but Jin has a lot more optimism than his wife. The emotions from Nicky moving back are still running high.

Nicky helps a stranger in need, which gives her the clarity and focus she needs mentally.

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

Callie is deep in the throes of the murder case with Kathleen and the team, but she also has mixed feelings about her future love life, including Gael or Tony.

Gael and Yuri have a big art show, and Gael wants Callie to accompany him, which brings up their past and feelings. Gael also faces an ethical dilemma with his boss.

Davia also has some conflicting feelings about Dennis and Matt.

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

We’re still reeling from that jaw-dropping revelation about Sophie and her relationship with her music teacher! When Gary finds out that Sophie’s teacher filmed her in a bathing suit he made her wear, Gary enlists the help of Maggie and Gina to help him with managing the situation.

Eddie is dedicated to rehab, and he finds an unlikely friendship with Jackie, the woman who didn’t mince words telling him about where he went wrong and how he needs to make amends.

Meanwhile, Rome and Walter are still at odds while grieving Renee.

Thursday, April 15

Younger (Paramount+)

Liza and co. are back for the last time, as Younger returns for its seventh and final season. There are so many questions we need to be answered before the show wraps.

Will Liza accept Charles’s marriage proposal, or will she reunite with Josh? Can Kelsey return to Millennial just like that, or will there be fallout from her reneging on her deal with Quinn? Will Kelsey and Zane last?

All of these will be revealed and more, starting with the release of the first four episodes.

Be sure to tune in to see the final chapter of this ageless saga.

8/7c Walker (The CW)

Walker and Captain James investigate a high-stakes poker game where one of the players may have information on Emily’s killer.

However, the night takes a turn when Geri shows up to join the game.

Meanwhile, Micki takes August and Stella on an unusual adventure.

8/9c Station 19 (ABC)

Maya and Carina have a difficult conversation. Could this have anything to do with Maya’s decision to accompany Carina to Italy? Are the pair headed for ‘splitsville?

Meanwhile, Maya, Jack, Vic, Travis, and Sullivan respond to a burn call at an ice rink, a pregnant woman and her husband seek out the station for help.

Lastly, Theo is back, so as what that means, it’s anyone’s guess.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

With the news that the mysterious artifact has a link to key historical figures, Alaric enacts a plan.

Unfortunately, a new monster arrives at the school, leading to theories about who could be killed off.

Yep, there’s a stern warning in the clip below.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

The hospital gets an influx of patients who face injuries while they were protesting against police brutality. It’s something that rocks many of the doctors, including Richard and Jackson.

An emergency tests Levi, the doctors have a hard time treating a patient who doesn’t believe in COVID, and something shocking blows everyone away.

Phylicia Rashad guest-stars in an hour that will have everyone talking!

Friday, April 16

Monday (VOD)

MONDAY follows the story of Mickey (Sebastian Stan) and Chloe (Denise Gough), two Americans in their mid-thirties living in Athens, who meet in the heat of summer one whirlwind weekend.

When Chloe’s time in Greece is drawing to a close, she decides to give up her high-flying job back home and explore whether one weekend’s passion can stand the reality of the inevitable Monday.

This looks sexy and real. Will you be tuning in?

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