Lynda Carter Hosting Wonder Woman March Madness Bracket

It’s March Madness time, and for most people, that means basketball. But not for everyone. Now, actress Lynda Carter is getting in on March Madness with a new bracket on her Facebook page. Ms. Carter is urging her fans to nominate their favorite episodes from the Wonder Woman TV show.

These episodes will battle it out in a March Madness bracket to determine the best Wonder Woman episode of all time. You can check out the Facebook post from this March Madness bracket here.

This bracket is a fun way for fans to interact with Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in 60 episodes in the 70s. Ms. Carter has all long been very proud of her performance as Wonder Woman and using that performance to encourage young women to reach their goals.


Fans will be able to nominate episodes by commenting the title on the post with the bracket, and then as the bracket progresses, fans will vote on which episode should move on. Episodes will be illuminated until one fan-voted episode is declared to be the Wonder Woman March Madness bracket champion.

It is interesting that Linda Carter is allowing fans to nominate episodes rather than putting forth her own ideas as to which episode she thinks should be in the bracket. Time will tell which episodes fans think are the best of the series. As voting begins soon, fans are encouraged to nominate episodes quickly and keep an eye on the bracket to see how their episode choices fare and, of course, to chime in with votes.

Lynda Carter is Still Wonder Woman for Many

While there’s no denying that Gal Gadot has done an excellent job as Wonder Woman in the DCEU, for many people, Lynda Carter remains the standard for the role. This is a testament to just how well Ms. Carter did as Wonder Woman during her time as the Amazonian superhero.

Her Wonder Woman show ran from 1975 to 1979 and, although it only ran for three seasons, it was considered a resounding success. For many people, the success of Wonder Woman as a TV show is specifically due to Lynda Carter’s casting as Diana Prince. Because she was so believable as both Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter made the Wonder Woman TV show both enjoyable and entertaining.

To this day many people still consider Lynda Carter to be the definitive Wonder Woman. This takes nothing away from Gal Gadot’s turn as Wonder Woman. Gadot has done an excellent job as Wonder Woman for this particular generation of on-screen DC heroes. For this style of DC, Gadot is the right person for the role. Were Lynda Carter to be in her prime, she likely would not be the proper person for this particular version of DC as her Wonder Woman was lighter in tone, just as Christopher Reeves’ Superman was on the lighter side in tone and therefore would not have fit in with the current DCEU.

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is now streaming on HBO Max. Fans can watch the episodes and nominate episodes for Carter’s March Madness bracket. Thanks to Lynda Carter for hosting what looks to be an entertaining event!

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