A Million Little Things Round Table: Are You Happy That Gary and Maggie Are Officially Back?!

Maggie and Gary are officially back at it again!

On A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 11, Katherine also experienced a health scare that brought Eddie and Greta together for the first time.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Laura Nowak.

Did you find Katherine’s health crisis to be anti-climactic? What’s your reaction to Eddie and Greta officially meeting and Eddie supporting Katherine?

Christine: Yes, but gratefully so. It was a bit of a relief to have Katherine’s medical issue be somewhat minor for a show that deals with cancer, paralysis, addiction, depression, and suicide.

My one pet peeve was that an adult should have stayed with Katherine the night she came home from the hospital. Even though she’s wearing a heart monitor, Theo shouldn’t be the only person there if something goes wrong.

As for Eddie’s reaction, I thought he was great. He’s happy with Anna, and he wants Katherine to be happy too. It was sweet of him to get Greta in to see Katherine, and it shows how much better off Eddie and Katherine are now that they’re apart.

However, I look forward to Katherine and Eddie’s conversation about all of this in the near future.

Jack: I was relieved. We didn’t need anything serious to happen to Katherine after everything else everyone’s been through!

I thought her health scare was mostly realistic. When I became anemic, my doctor initially thought I had the same condition Katherine did and gave the same explanation that the ER doctor did, word for word.

I was surprised she was discharged in the middle of the night, though. I’d think they’d want to keep her overnight for observation and, as Christine said, have an adult stay with her the first night just in case.

As for Eddie and Greta, I’m glad Eddie was supportive. Helping Greta get in to see Katherine was one of my favorite moments this week.

Laura: I was also relieved. We’ve seen so much illness; it was a relief that it was somewhat minor. I agree it would have been better if someone besides Theo had been there the first night.

I loved Eddie’s reaction. As a huge Eddie/Katherine fan, I’m so relieved that they’ve made it back to a friend and family vibe where they can genuinely be happy for each other.

What are your thoughts on Gina reminding Rome that she and his loved ones are dealing with his depression as well?

Christine: I was proud of Gina. Rome’s depression affects those around him, and although he shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about what he’s going through, he should be aware that those who love him most are in this with him.

Jack: I liked that a lot. Not only did Rome need to hear it, but so did audience members who may be dealing with a loved one’s depression and burning themselves out because they think they can’t say anything due to the person’s condition.

Laura: I appreciated that. It’s not easy telling your spouse that their mental illness affects you too, so good for Gina.

Are you relieved that Eddie and Anna managed to work things out so quickly? How do you feel about this relationship?

Christine: I’m enjoying Eddie and Anna. I don’t know if they’re a long-term couple, but they’re cute together so far. It’s nice to see them happy and taking things at a pace that works for both of them.

Jack: I like them together so far. The fact that Anna understood that Eddie needed to go to the hospital for Katherine and Theo’s sakes is a good sign.

Laura: I’m enjoying Eddie and Anna. They’re cute and seem to understand each other.

On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you feel for Cam? Do you think the hour invalidated Cam and Maggie’s romance as well as Gary and Darcy’s to reunite “Gaggie?”

Christine: A 10! The poor guy really got the short end of the stick on this one. He did nothing wrong. Heck, he did everything right, but he’s still losing the woman he loves.

I don’t think Maggie and Gary reuniting invalidates their previous relationships.

They’ve each grown a lot since their breakup. And as much as I expected to dread the two of them reuniting, I’m actually enjoying it and curious to see what they’re like as a couple now.

Jack: A 10 for me too.

I felt awful for Cam even though I was annoyed that Maggie seemed to be planning to stay with him. I wish we’d seen the breakup on screen so I’d have some idea of how the poor guy reacted.

I prefer Maggie and Gary as friends, so I’m disappointed, but I guess we’ll see where this redux goes.

Laura: Maybe a 6? Cam grates on my nerves with how perfect he tries to be, and he doesn’t know Maggie at all. Breaking up with him after the party sucks, though.

How did you feel about Gary expressing why he couldn’t be with Maggie again and then proceeding with their relationship by the end of the hour?

Christine: Gary needed Maggie to make a real decision, not still be with Cam but kissing Gary and telling him they’d figure it out. When Maggie broke up with Cam and came to Gary to tell him he was the one she wanted, that’s exactly what Gary needed to hear to restart their romance.

Jack: Exactly what Christine said. Gary didn’t want to be in limbo while Maggie tried to be with Cam. He had enough of that last time around.

Laura: As the others said, it needed to be said. Go, Gary!

What was your favorite moment, character, and/or dynamic from the hour? Do you have anything else you’d like to address?

Christine: I really appreciated how Greta walked Theo through what to do when Katherine passed out. Her level of calm was impressive.

Also, I’m a little tired of Sophie always being angry at someone. Delilah, Gary, Eddie… It’s not that she doesn’t have reasons to be; it just feels repetitive and boring.

And I really hope Gary and Maggie took Colin out to pee before they did anything else!

Jack: As a pet owner, I appreciated Gary apologizing to Colin for leaving him to fend for himself for so long after he was supposed to have walked him!

I thought Theo and Katherine’s conversation before Katherine’s health scare was both cute and realistic. My nephew is also famous for asking complicated questions right before bed, so I loved Katherine saying this was a morning conversation.

Laura: I loved the humor of Rome/Regina texting about Gary and Maggie. Everyone knows everyone else’s business in this friend group.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with our Round Table? Do you disagree? Sound of below!

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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