Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 3-21-22: The Craziest Plans Yet!

Hang on tight. Things are about to get super wild!

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 3-21-22 involve exorcising a non-possessed person, a bizarre plan to break up Craig and Leo, and more.

We’re in camp territory here, but could some twists be coming up?

According to the spoiler video, the board’s plan to have Kayla fire Marlena will backfire. Instead, Kayla may be the one losing her job!

Is this because of Leo’s machinations? It’s hard to tell, but it would be a massive coincidence if Kayla were pushed out naturally right after Leo suggested Craig take her job.

I don’t like the idea of Craig scheming on Leo’s say-so, but I can’t say I feel sorry for Kayla either. She’s been doing a horrible job lately, and she deserves to be taken down a peg or two.

Of course, if Craig goes along with this, he’ll be painted as the villain, and Steve will jump in to defend his Sweetness, too.

It’s hard to tell what else is going on from this spoiler video full of blink-and-you-miss-it moments. That adds to the sense of this being a wild and crazy week ahead. One of the more ridiculous storylines is sure to be Sonny and Will’s plan to use Chad to break up Craig and Leo.

The obvious solution to the Leo problem is to LEAVE CRAIG ALONE. He’s made it clear that he isn’t interested in anyone’s opinion of Leo. But instead of getting the message, Sonny and Will will double down on their attempts to interfere with this relationship, which will only make Craig more determined to stand by his man.

And using Chad this way will only make matters worse. Chad already escaped Leo’s sexual harassment once and has no interest in a repeat, so why would he agree to this silly plan? It’s only slightly more logical than John and Marlena trying to exorcise a not-possessed Belle!

Want to know what other bizarre goings-on Days of Our Lives has in store for us during the week of 3-21-22? Check out the spoiler photos below.

Johnny uses Shawn to get what he wants.

Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Johnny doesn’t want his family to exorcise the wrong person. The Devil wants that.

Johnny has been fighting back from time to time. He wants the Devil to go so that he can patch things up with Chanel and live the life he planned before he got possessed.

In any case, what “Johnny” wants now is for Shawn to give him an excuse to get back into the room and make it look like Belle is the possessed one, and it seems like he’s going to get it.

John and Marlena attempt an exorcism on a loved one.

How can you exorcise a demon from someone who isn’t possessed? Days of Our Lives has outdone itself with the silliness in this supernatural, unrealistic story!

But could there be light at the end of the tunnel here? The plot doesn’t work if the Devil isn’t in the room. It’s busy plotting to get itself there to trick John and Marlena into thinking Belle is possessed.

So does that mean that they might accidentally exorcise it from its rightful host since “Johnny” needs to be nearby for this to work?

Craig considers Leo’s plan for him to go after Kayla’s job.

Craig, stop considering and stand up to Leo already! He never had any problem confronting Nancy about her schemes when they started to go too far, and this is no time to suddenly become meek and mild.

Craig would likely be a better chief of staff than Kayla. He might even ask a psychiatrist to take the lead on cases involving someone believing they’re an entirely different person.

But if he listens to Leo, he’s going to end up painted as the bad guy who didn’t learn anything from the way he treated Mike Horton years ago and incur half of Salem’s wrath. Ugh.

Sonny and Will ask Chad to get Leo into bed!

Chad is another one who needs to say no and mean it!

Days of Our Lives will play this stupid plan for laughs, but it isn’t funny. Chad didn’t like Leo sexually harassing him before, and he’ll be inviting more of the same now.

How about we don’t go there?

Chad is guilt-ridden when he learns it wasn’t really EJ who kissed Abigail.

That’s good news. Chad will now know that EJ didn’t try to rape anyone this time. Hopefully, he won’t also assume that a possessed Belle was the one who morphed into EJ to cause trouble.

Either way, the question is: what will Chad do now? His whole reason for continuing to frame EJ was to get revenge for EJ’s supposed attack on Abigail.

Will he come forward and tell the truth now, or will he decide it’s too late and he can’t risk his freedom by admitting he lied on the stand?

EJ and Clyde have a heated confrontation.

EJ finally remembers that Clyde tried to kill him.

Ironically, Clyde used a similar scheme to escape responsibility for it to what TR did after shooting Eli — will this come up sometime?

Anyway, this confrontation should be epic, and I’m sure Orpheus will be standing in the adjacent cell watching.

Kayla gives Maggie and Abigail dire news about Sarah.

Kayla should not be giving Maggie and Abigail any news about Sarah, dire or otherwise. Marlena or another psychiatrist should be in charge of this case.

Sarah’s brain scans will likely show nothing abnormal because mental illness doesn’t manifest itself that way.

So Kayla will probably share this news with Maggie and Abigail along with her non-expert opinion that Sarah will always think she’s Renee and everyone should go along with it.

Nicole and Rafe face-off with Ava.

For some reason, Days of Our Lives fast-forwarded through Rafe’s trial, and now we’re already at the outcome. How disappointing!

I’m assuming Rafe gets off since he and Nicole will face off with Ava again.

I’m sure they’ll get no satisfaction, but maybe she’ll let it slip that Gwen helped her pretend to be Sarah so that we can at least put an end to that story.

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