Kenan Star Taylor Louderman Talks Transition From Broadway to TV, What’s Ahead, & More!

Kenan’s second season is in full swing, and we have an exclusive interview with star Taylor Louderman about her transition on the show!

Taylor Louderman is a Tony-nominated actress, starring on Broadway and making an easy transition to TV.

We sat down with Taylor Louderman to discuss Kenan, her career, and more!

TV Fanatic: How has it been working with Kenan?

Taylor Louderman: It’s a little unreal. It’s Surreal. I’ve been watching him since I was a little kid: Kenan and Kel and all that. So to be next to him now was very scary at first. But he’s a really good guy!

He’s cool, he’s chill, and he’s so funny! He makes you look good no matter what. It’s a dream!

In terms of when the camera isn’t rolling, it’s so much fun because he (and especially next to Chris Redd) is always pitching bits or turning the silliest thing into a comedy sketch… it’s fun. It doesn’t feel like work.

TVF: That’s great! So how has your transition been from performing in a live show every single night to now being on television?

Taylor: Yeah! It’s wild! It’s really a different form of storytelling. I’d as one of the biggest differences — one of two — is you know when you have a live audience in front of you they communicate with you. They tell you very quickly whether it’s working or not.

Especially with comedy, right? So, if they don’t laugh, you can go, “I should adjust something here for tomorrow night and try it again. And you can engage with what I call the science of comedy when you’re doing the same show over and over again.

You can adjust your delivery and find the pocket where you get the most amount of laughter because your audience is the control. I enjoy that aspect, so going on-camera, you don’t have an audience.

The crew’s not supposed to laugh because it ruins the take, so I had to adjust to wondering, “Is this working? is this funny?” I have to trust myself, cross my fingers, or give them a wide range of options so that the editor can choose what works. It’s really different work.

The second thing is [a] lack of control. With a Musical, I know the full story. I know what the audience is seeing for the most part, so I can figure out where I fit in the puzzle.

With television, you’re reading that script — you’re not seeing it come to life until you watch it later! The fun of watching it later is [saying to yourself]: “Oh! That’s the take they chose, ok!”

It’s just way less in control which is both good and bad.

TVF: It definitely sounds both good and bad! Is there any chance that you reveal if we get to hear any more singing from Tami?

Taylor: I think we’ve heard it all this season. I’m thinking through what’s coming up…I’m pretty sure.

TVF: What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned when preparing for this role by studying morning shows?

Taylor: I don’t know if you could call what we’re doing a real morning show, haha. But in researching, I will say as a teenager, wondering what I wanted to do with my life being a news anchor was one of my top three.

I remember making school project videos as a news anchor for fun, so I’ve always been intrigued by it. I love the speech pattern when they deliver the news, [I focused on] their vocals behind it.

Maybe that’s the singer coming out of me — that formal delivery.

I was also intrigued by the posture. They have such great posture all the time, so I played around with giving Tami almost being too stiff at times.

I was looking for ways that I could make it comedic. Take some of their strengths and overdo them.

One thing Kenan’s good at, I think from watching him on SNL: being a host and subtly expressing what’s happening around him is crazy. Not over commentating on it. It’s such a different skill that anchors have.

They keep their cool. I admire them — it’s a tough job.

TVF: A lot of fans love Tami’s style on the show. How do you feel about Tami’s style? What do you like the most?

Taylor: I enjoy going from playing high school characters [She originated two separate high-school roles on Broadway: Campbell Davis in Bring It On: The Musical, and Regina George in Mean Girls] to now playing someone who dresses more like a woman!

Being comfortable in the [formal clothes] took me a second to get used to. I love her style too! Especially when she gets to wear colorful patterns.

There’s one outfit coming up I tried to steal… I loved it. Our costume designer is talented.

TVF: As a quick aside, are there any plans on heading back to Broadway soon?

Taylor: Oh my gosh! I’ve not closed that door.

I need a breather after Mean Girls. I appreciate the time off from the grind, but of course, I miss it!

Nothing’s on the horizon right now, but I certainly wouldn’t turn away opportunities if there’s a story I want to tell that pushes society forward or makes my heart sing.

TVF: What can we expect more from this season on Kenan?

I’m excited for [the rest of] season two. It feels so different from last year.

A lot of the major stuff has been covered, and it leaves a lot more room for silliness and comedy.

I’m excited about how they pull Kenan in many different directions this season. Seeing him in the hot seat is so fun.

TVF: Before we wrap up, is there anything else you want to tell us about?

Taylor: I work with a non-profit that I helped start.

It’s a Musical Theatre songwriting competition, and the winners of the competition get their song released on an EP sung by Broadway performers.

There’s also a concert that features even more songs and YouTube videos. We are accepting submissions in January and February [2022]. It’s called Write Out Loud (Link at the end of the interview). Check it out!

TVF: Thank you so much for your time! That sounds amazing; we’ll check it out!

Entries are accepted until the end of February, and you can find more info about Write Out Loud here.

Are you excited to see the rest of Kenan’s second season? Do you love Tami as much as we do?

Let us know in the comments below!

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