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Cashback means “money back.” In detail, this means the amount of money that a customer gets back for a purchase or a contract. Rebatest is one of the best cashback and product testing platforms that grants you upto 100% on Amazon. You just have to give your testimonials and opinions. Rebatest is free and you can sign up with no charges.  You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the US or UK to register.

On the platform, you will get a signup bonus of $50 or £30 for UK residents. To get your reward, you have to complete at least 10 tasks. After signing up, you can select a product category. Amazon offers a wide range of products, from health & beauty to pet supplies. After selecting an item you are interested in, you should apply for it. Amazon sellers have several products listed on their site. You will have to apply to test them. This is after the seller’s approval. 

The next step is to purchase the product. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, which directs you to the Amazon page, and buy the products like you would usually do on the e-commerce platform. You have to go back to your Rebatest account to submit your order number within 4 hours. The next step is to submit your trial report. After testing your product, you should document your feedback in a trial report. It should be precise. Make sure it has product informations, advantages and disadvantages, suggestions and product photo. You will finally get your rebate after the seller okays your trial report and order number. You can withdraw your money via PayPal. It’s that simple with Rebatest.

Visit here to sign up and enjoy your cashback or the best super deal through Rebatest.

Why Can’t You Get Cashback Directly from an Online Shop?

Online stores are interested in getting more customers and, of course selling more products. To achieve this, they often invest large sums in advertising budgets. It has been common practice for years for online shops to pay commissions for recommending their products. For example, a blog that advertises a shop’s products receives commissions for purchases made through the recommendation (recommendation marketing). You can do a free Amazon review on your blog or site and attach the link to the product to lead a user to Amazon’s website. In simple terms, you can get paid to write reviews.

As soon as a website or a blog forwards a visitor to a shop, the shop pays a (referral) commission to the referring website. In our example, this website is a cashback page. The cashback page now passes on part of this earned commission to the shop’s customer. From the customer’s perspective, this part is the cashback – the customer gets part of his expenses. In this way, a customer receives part of the advertising costs, which are reflected in one way or another in the product price, as cashback.

At Which Online Shops and Services Can I Get Cashback?

The number of shops, service providers and offers a cashback site support varies greatly. The number can be between a few 100 and several 1000 shops. In general, however, it can be said that cashback sites now have a large number of online shops and services on the Internet that generally support cashback in their range. And not only purchases in classic online shops are made more attractive by the “money-back principle.” Here are some examples where cashback can be earned:

  • Internet and telephone contracts
  • Provisioning and saving: building society contracts, loan agreements
  • Insurance
  • Travel and vacation: flights, hotels, buses
  • Shopping: electronics, clothing, medicines, groceries, furniture, etc.

Here are some exotic examples where users got money back for their expenses:

  • Trees and plants
  • Lotto and tickets
  • Tariff comparisons
  • Online training and courses

A new customer often gets cashback simply by registering with a service provider or signing up for a newsletter. This means that customers can not only earn cashback by shopping. Registration as a new customer is often sufficient. Rebatest is the best cashback site USA where you can register, earn up to 100% cashback and save on your purchases from several online stores. 

How Much Money Will I Get Back? How Much Cashback Can I Earn?

To record a purchase on the Internet, the customer must first be logged into the cashback page. Only then can the click or the recommendation and forwarding to the desired shop be correctly recorded. This is usually done with so-called tracking or affiliate links made available by affiliate networks.

These links contain information that tells the cashback site, the affiliate network, and the shop which user of the cashback page is currently visiting a shop and how much money has been spent. This information is forwarded from the cashback site to the networks and then to the shops with the tracking link’s help.

Why Are Cashback Portals With Cash Withdrawals Better Than Collecting Points?

In contrast to point-based bonus programs, the user receives the money directly, for example, to his bank or PayPal account. This makes it easier for the user to see what percentage of the amount spent has been saved or earned. A complicated conversion of points into material values or payment amounts is not necessary. In addition, the cashback rate on cashback point portals is often relatively low, even if a large number of points makes it seem different.

Especially providers of point cards, which have to be scanned when purchasing, often use them to collect user-specific data and purchasing behavior. This data is used to create exact (purchase) profiles of the customers. This turns the customer into a transparent customer.

Cashback portals, which only record a user’s purchase via link tracking, can only determine where, i.e., in which shop or on which website, purchases were made, but not what exactly was purchased. This allows users to shop more anonymously and better protect their data.

Cashback in the Offline World

Offline shops offer cashback campaigns. For example, when you return a used device and buy a new one (the best known is probably the razor cashback campaigns from a well-known manufacturer). However, this is rarely the case. On the other hand, cashback in online trading plays a much more significant and increasingly important role.

Nowadays, most online stores generate a significant proportion of their sales through referrals from third parties. Cashback is another way to differentiate yourself from the competition. So many online shops also offer cashback through various programs and cashback sites.

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