Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Would You Double Date With in Salem?

Maggie had Sarah committed, Chloe decided Brady as the love of her life, half of Salem was determined to break up Craig and Leo, while the Devil jumped from Johnny to Belle and back again!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Bradys from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Anna’s reaction to Sarah/Renee, Will and Sonny’s plan for Chad and Leo, Abe calling out TR, and who they’d like to double date with in Salem.

Is Abigail to blame for Sarah’s mental state in any way?

Bradys: Yes, she is to blame for Sarah’s loss of mental health, but not directly. All she wanted to do was try to punish her sister, but everything got out of control.

Abigail never had anything against her cousin and surely never will. It’s perfect that they are now taking Sarah to rehab for this problem.

Jack: I’m so aggravated that people are blaming Abigail. It’s not like Sarah was a child who found the syringe somewhere and started playing with it. Kristen put Sarah in that room, and Sarah tried to stab KRISTEN with the needle so that she could escape, but Kristen got the better of her.

That’s who is to blame. Kristen. Certain people are deflecting blame because they don’t want to admit that THEY are not blameless in this whole mess. Abigail, having kidnapped Gwen a year ago, has nothing to do with any of this.

Christine: There’s lots of blame to go around, and Abigail has her share of it.

Gwen brought the drug to Salem and used it on Abigail. Abigail decided to use it on Gwen and then left a dangerous syringe full of it lying around. And Kristen kidnapped Sarah and actually used it on her during their fight.

So yeah, Abigail’s partially to blame, not that it really matters now. The only thing that matters at this point is getting Sarah well.

Was Tony right to be angry with Anna for how she treated Sarah/Renee?

Bradys: Absolutely. Sarah is not Renee, even though she acts like her and has her memories. The real Renee died over 30 years ago, and Tony would never be in a relationship with this “version” of Renee.

Tony and Anna are happy. A girl about 35 years younger than them can’t compete with them.

Jack: I’m 100% Team Anna on this one. Having compassion for someone with mental illness doesn’t mean you give them whatever they want, and Tony should be standing up for his relationship with Anna.

Compassion for Sarah would mean getting her the help she needs, including psychiatric care, not letting her move into the mansion, and wreaking havoc with Tony and Anna’s marriage!

Christine: I’m Team Tony! Now, I don’t think Sarah/Renee should have been allowed to stay in the mansion. She obviously needs medical help, and thankfully, because Kayla is completely inept, Xander made sure she got that.

But Anna was just mean. She acted as though Sarah was actually Renee instead of someone having a mental breakdown. A little more compassion could have gone a long way.

Despite having no idea that TR shot Eli, Abe told him he wanted him gone. Are you surprised by Abe’s reaction or more surprised that Lani isn’t doing the same?

Bradys: I am more surprised by Lani. Abe has many reasons to tell TR to go away. Paulina told him about TR, and none of it was good. Plus, there’s the introduction of Beth’s character, which is sure to have some importance in this storyline.

TR will either stay in jail or leave town again, but he doesn’t have much security in Salem, less so if it’s revealed that he shot Eli.

Jack: I was not surprised by Abe’s reaction at all. Abe was always sharp and was a detective in the days when Salem detectives needed to have brains. I’m glad he sees through TR’s act, though I’m disappointed no one else does.

Lani is not thinking clearly right now, and the last thing she needs is TR encouraging her to forge a relationship with him. He’s her bio dad, and she’s been curious about him a while, so I’m not surprised that she is giving him a chance now, but I am disappointed.

Christine: Go, Abe! Abe sees through TR’s crap. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the power to make the man leave. Lani does, but she’s in such a vulnerable state right now, and she naturally wants to learn about her biological father.

I wish Lani had done her own background check on TR. She’s a cop, and she knows he abused Paulina and did time in prison. I’d expect her to be more wary and do more research before giving the guy a chance.

What are your thoughts on Will and Sonny’s plan to have Chad try and seduce Leo? Do you think Leo will fall for it?

Bradys: Clearly, this story is more to make the audience laugh. Chad said it in this episode: He’s straight, married with kids.

And now he’s going to have to pretend he has feelings for Leo and fulfill his desires. This plan could go very well or very badly, but people are sure to get a big laugh out of this one.

Jack: There are no words for how stupid this is. Why on Earth should Chad encourage the guy who sexually harassed him in the past to keep doing it? No good can come from this, and there’s no reason Leo should fall for it any more than he would fall for them hiring a prostitute.

And even if he does, who says that’s going to make Craig break up with him? This reminds me of when Eve hired a prostitute to tempt JJ away from Paige and ended up with a mess because JJ wouldn’t cooperate, and the prostitute drugged him. Let’s not have a repeat of that, please.

Christine: This is such a dumb plan. I expect better from Will and Sonny, although I don’t know why. They did roll Leo up in a rug and then failed to get rid of his “body” because he was still alive.

With Sami being Will’s mom and Sonny being a Kiriakis, they’d be better at this type of scheme, but they’re clearly not.

Overall, this is simply a plot to laugh at, and on the upside, maybe we’ll see Chad in drag again.

Would you like to see Craig replace Kayla as Chief of Staff of the hospital?

Bradys: I don’t know. I don’t think it will happen, but I wouldn’t care half as much if it does. I’d just like to see that side of Salem given more importance. There’s almost no medical stuff, but lots of scenes on location.

Jack: Kayla has not been doing a great job lately. But I don’t want it done in some underhanded way that makes Craig the “bad guy” in this story. I like the idea of Craig working in the hospital, though. I’d like to see him and Tripp interact more often, and the hospital needs more doctors.

Christine: Yes! History has shown that Craig’s not above using questionable means to get the job he wants. With Kayla refusing to fire Marlena, this is more hospital politics than anything underhanded.

And Kayla’s scenes at the hospital have her coming across as either boring, inept, or both.

I enjoy Craig more when he’s not around Nancy, and it could be fun seeing him interact with Tripp and a contentious Kayla at work, so I’m all for it.

Is Chloe right? Has Brady always been her one great love?

Bradys: This is a difficult question. Phloe was always the strong couple of the late 90s and early 2000s. What makes the relationship special is that they always had the same actors and had great development, but this new Brady has a lot of chemistry with Chloe.

With Philip “dead” and with all the history they already have, Chloe may have more developed feelings for Brady now.

Jack: There aren’t enough eye roll emojis in the world for that line of hers. It’s always been Brady… except when it’s been Philip, Daniel, or Lucas. Have I forgotten anybody?

Chloe has jumped from one love of her life to another. She ALWAYS cheats on the one she’s committed to with her next lover.

Brady hasn’t been much better, so maybe that makes them soulmates, but it’s hard to believe that Brady is “the one” when she’s had so many other loves of her life.

Christine: The love of Brady or Chloe’s lives is whomever they’re about to jump into bed with next. Whenever they’re “committed” to someone, it never lasts long.

And if Brady really loved Chloe, he’d be a little more concerned about Kristen because there’s no way Kristen will sit back and allow Chloe to steal her man and raise her daughter.

Which couple would you choose to double date within Salem?

Bradys: I would choose Brady and Chloe. I think they are super fun. They have very friendly vibes and would just hang around talking and laughing with you. It’s a really good choice.

Jack: If Paige were alive and JJ were still with her, I’d love to double date with them! Of the current couples, Jack and Jennifer would be a lot of fun.

Or hey, if Chloe wants some help breaking up Craig and Leo, I could bring along the character of Mick from the Australian soap Neighbours, who I think Leo would like.

Christine: I’d probably have a lot of fun hanging out with Craig and Leo. They’re both intelligent and funny in very different ways.

And Sarah and Xander could be fun to go out with once Sarah has her memories back.

What were your favorite and most disappointing scenes on Days of Our Lives this week?

Bradys: The one I liked the most, maybe Sonny’s return to the mansion and seeing Bonnie naked. It was very funny.

The one I liked the least was the kiss between Chanel and Allie. Not because I don’t like that she changed her sexuality and all, just that the couple she made with Tripp felt natural and very well constructed. It’s almost impossible to get them back together on the show.

Jack: I loved Will’s talk with Allie. I felt it was overdue and that she should have spoken to him, even if it were over Zoom, when she first kissed Chanel and was confused. That might have prevented a lot of unnecessary heartache!

I’m disappointed that what Allie took away from that conversation was, “I’m bi, so let me date Chanel now.” I think it’s way too soon after both their heartbreaks to jump into anything with each other, and they are both too immature for a relationship.

I also loved the scenes in the hospital after Eli was shot, though I was disappointed that Beth caved so easily to TR’s bribe.

I loved Steve and Kayla’s scenes with Craig and Leo but am disappointed that Leo is pushing Craig to take Kayla’s job. And I’m purely disappointed with the latest Devil nonsense.

Christine: Will and Allie’s conversation about her sexuality was the highlight of the week and very well done. But Chanel was just married to Johnny, and Allie was engaged to Tripp. They both need to take a minute and process all of that before jumping into a relationship with one another.

I also liked that John was the one person to question Belle being possessed by the Devil. You can tell he’s not a big fan of Johnny!

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to chime in with your thoughts on this week in Salem. Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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