Dynasty Season 4 Episode 7 Review: The Birthday Party

Is Dynasty throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks?

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 7 was another frivolous installment that made me question whether we’re supposed to take any part of the show seriously or if we’re just to treat it as a procedural and forget everything before the next episode.

Adam will never be my favorite character, and an episode centered on his birthday should have had much more drama than what we were served.

Adam’s connection to his mother has been highly concerning since he arrived on the series, and Alexis solidified why anyone should be worried about them.

Alexis may be about making up for lost time, but trying to ice Kirby out of the party, only to fly her ex-boyfriend to Atlanta, bordered on ridiculous.

Many TV shows manage to drive a wedge between mothers and their daughters-in-law effortlessly, but Dynasty is going about it in such a bizarre way that it’s more comical than exciting.

Kirby is such a pivotal part of Adam’s life, and It was clear throughout “The Birthday Party” they are a match made in heaven.

They can both scheme like it’s going out of fashion, but deep down, there’s a connection between them that they can’t ever push to the side.

Alexis wants Adam to get a good job because she likes that it will help her cause. There’s no other way to explain her actions.

Alexis has actually been one of the stronger aspects of the show since her arrival, but her actions on “The Birthday Party” were completely and utterly bizarre.

It’s one thing to want to have power, but when you’re putting the happiness of your family on the line, and just being plain silly, it starts to make the plot seem dull and uninspired.

We know Alexis can be a decent villain, but she’s being hindered by the weak writing from the creative forces behind the show.

I know COVID-19 has affected the series, but would it hurt them to craft storylines that actually feel like a natural stepping stone for the characters?

Kirby’s ex-boyfriend touching down in Atlanta will only cause a bigger rift between Kirby and Adam, but when the truth inevitably comes out, Adam will be further away from his mother than ever.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Adam has thrown his mother into a fireplace and been a sociopath since his arrival on the series, but we don’t know what he would do to Alexis if pushed far enough.

We did get confirmation that Adam survived by showing up at the funeral in the pitiful flash-forwards, but that could also signify Kirby has lost her life.

It’s hard to imagine the series parting with Alexis or Blake, but there are some other characters that could get the boot.

Then again, I’m not ruling out Adam being the killer. There’s too much history, and he’s been, quite frankly, a nightmare since his arrival.

Fallon worrying about her and Liam becoming another Blake and Alexis was more filler than exciting. Yes, it’s nice to see the lighter side of their relationship, but when it’s as ridiculous as the drivel we were served with Nash, I’d much rather cut these storylines out entirely.

Nash was a horrible man who thought he had a chance with Fallon. That’s the best way to describe him, and I’m happy he got his comeuppance.

But Fallon should be more upfront with Liam instead of leaving him questioning why she’s acting hot and cold towards him. Yes, their relationship has weathered many storms, but their marriage is still in its infancy.

Paying Nash to keep Liam busy felt more like a way to show that Fallon doesn’t value the relationship as much as Liam does.

They have a connection that burns bright, but if the writers can’t find anything notable to do with them, then why bother?

Blake and Dominique working together was probably the most coherent plot, and that’s saying something. They need to work together to get the power and the diamonds.

Dominique is the type of character on one side, only to jump to the other when the opportunity presents itself.

But Alexis has already proven not to be trustworthy by trying to move the goalposts of their lucrative deal. If Blake can play nice with Dom, he may have found himself a new ally.

Dom, on the other hand, she’s always looking at the best way to get the upper hand on those she despises, so while she and Blake are working together now, it probably won’t last that long.

Jeff would not be thrilled about his mother working with his nemesis, so that’s something else we need to take into consideration.

Dynasty Season 4 feels very hollow thus far. The plots are going nowhere, proving that there’s not enough excitement in this pool of characters.

It’s a real shame, and unfortunately, I don’t see it changing anytime soon. The mystery of the season is not up to scratch, and the drama is in a similar boat.

What did you think of the scheming from Alexis? Are you tired of the characters bickering at every turn?

Hit the comments.

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