Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Lowell Anderson

The last episode before Superstore’s big finale is a little underwhelming.

But it still has humorous moments and exciting narrative twists, including a big cliffhanger at the end.

Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 might not be as riveting as some other episodes, but “Lowell Anderson” answers some of the questions we have been asking since the beginning of the season. 

For one, there is the somewhat-of-a-love-triangle between Garrett, Dina, and Brian. Only, it is not a love triangle anymore since Dina went around asking for breakup advice, planning to end things with Brian.

We never really find out why, but it is not hard to read between the lines. Brian is sweet, caring, and thoughtful. It has been evident since Superstore Season 5 Episode 16 that Dina and Brian have a lot in common, especially their love of animals.

Despite Brian being the perfect boyfriend, he has never kept Dina on her toes the way Garrett does.

We are not saying that love should be volatile, even though Garrett and Dina’s relationship has never been like that (except when he lied about her birds). But love should be sweet and passionate; it should be kind and stimulating.

Your partner should be your very best friend, and you should never settle for anything less.

Dina and Garrett have been friends for many years, despite some turbulent times. They survived a friends-with-benefits arrangement and a betrayal. Now, they seem to be closer than ever.

Brian might wonderful, but love cannot survive on romance or physical intimacy alone. There needs to be a strong friendship.

It does not matter if it develops as you fall in love with someone or if you were friends for years already. It just has to be present.

And where is Dina and Brian’s friendship? They certainly care for one another, and it is evident through Brian’s little gifts for Dina and Dina’s fear of hurting Brian when she breaks up with him. But a relationship cannot survive on simply caring for someone.

Take Superstore Season 6 Episode 11. Dina had quite the trip when she accidentally got high off chemical fumes. She did not want anyone to know, including Brian. She was desperate to keep this incident a secret and enlisted Cheyenne’s help with the task.

But Dina had no problem telling Garrett about what happened. They immediately dived into a conversation, and she had no problem laughing about it with Garrett. 

This scenario is the equivalent of coming home after a long day at work and wanting just to talk to your partner about what happened, no matter how crazy your day was. Dina did not even hesitate to tell Garrett.

Dina and Garrett have always been there for each other, even when it was unexpected.

Their banter is fun and witty, and they never seem to run out of things to talk about. They love spending time together, whether having a cozy night in or going out for dinner. They have exciting physical and emotional intimacy.

So, how could Dina not break up with Brian? At the end of the day, her feelings for Garrett were always stronger, which is why after the breakup, she asks out Garrett in a way that is so typical of them — subtly through their playful banter attempting to prove who likes who more.

We imagine these are officially endgame, and we could not be happier for them.

You have really bad ideas, alright? You’re not a genius; you’re just a rick dick!


But the main storyline on “Lowell Anderson” revolves around the titular character. Lowell Anderson, the son of Cloud 9’s founder, pays an unexpected visit to Store 1217 for the day.

Glenn is super excited to have him, but Cheyenne? Not so much.

Lowell is your worst nightmare multiplied by infinity. Glenn does not initially see that because he has blindly supported Lowell since he put Glenn’s father out of business.

Of course, Glenn believed Lowell was a gentleman about it, missing the main point entirely — there is nothing kind about a big corporation killing a small business.

Glenn: Mr. Anderson is not your typical heartless businessman. My father had a hardware store, Sturgis & Sons, and Cloud 9 undersold us and put us out of business, but my dad said that you were always a gentleman about it; even took him out to dinner on the night that the store closed for good!
Marcus: Wow, mensch alert!
Jonah: I’m sorry, did we not hear the “put him out of business” part?

But since Cheyenne is not familiar with Lowell, she can take a step back and recognize how awful he is. 

He acts like every horrible customer when using products and putting them back in a pandemic. This action is awful at any time of the year, but it is infinitely worse considering the amount of danger Lowell put people in with how careless he is.

Furthermore, he shows up out of the blue and tries to run the store his way. His ideas are not even insightful — he bullies people into wearing what he wants them to wear, proposes crazy ideas, and makes life infinitely harder for customers and employees.

Lowell is yet another example of how awful and heartless corporate people are. He does not care about customers, even if he claims he does. He is only in it for himself, and it is evident when he does not even bat an eye at all the damage he indirectly caused.

Glenn finally stands up for himself, though, which is a silver lining. Usually, it is Jonah or Amy telling off corporate. Even Sandra has before, and Cheyenne got her opportunity before Glenn finally steps in.

After six seasons of seeing how passive Glenn can be, it is rewarding to witness him stand up to corporate finally. He will no longer let Lowell bully him and his employees, and he certainly makes it clear when he shoves dog food in Lowell’s face.

But while this storyline has been a little overdone on Superstore, it is refreshing to see it one last time with the founders of Cloud 9 before the show ends. Besides, Lowell says something that makes alarm bells ring. According to Lowell, Zephra is shutting down Cloud 9 stores. 

While Glenn and Mateo dismiss Lowell because of how wacky he is, Cheyenne is concerned. She even calls someone at the end of the episode — a very special someone that pulls the episode together.

Sandra: What matters is that Amy’s single. Now here’s the plan. You’re gonna call Amy and say you want one last special night together. But here’s what she doesn’t know: I’m gonna poke a hole in the condom —
Jonah: What?! No! This isn’t — no! No. I’m over Amy, okay? And I’m with Hannah now.
Sandra: Then what the fuck have we been doing all day?!

Lowell Anderson’s final statement ties into another storyline on Superstore Season 6 Episode 13 between Sandra and Jonah.

Jonah recently started seeing Hannah, Carol’s lawyer. But trouble might already be brewing when Hannah tells Jonah she spoke to Amy about Carol’s case. Jonah is interested in what Hannah has to say, and even more so when he finds out she is up in the mountains somewhere.

And when Sandra catches Jonah looking at Emma’s Instagram, she volunteers to help Jonah. Of course, Sandra would volunteer herself — we have established as early as Superstore Season 3 that she is their number one “shipper” and still roots for them to be together.

That could not be clearer when she makes it a personal mission to figure out whether Amy is on vacation alone, with family, or with a new love interest.

We have always enjoyed Sandra geek out over Amy and Jonah’s relationship, mirroring our feelings. “Lowell Anderson” certainly reminds us that Sandra feels the same way we all do, even if she is overbearing and inappropriate at times.

But even though Jonah and Sandra eventually discover Amy is only on vacation with her kids, he insists he has moved on and is happy with Hannah.

While we will always root for Jonah and Amy, it is also crucial for Jonah to recognize how challenging this past year has been, aside from COVID. Amy rejected a potential marriage proposal and left him picking up the pieces of their relationship in St. Louis while she went to California with their kids.

Yes, we know that Emma and Parker are Adam’s kids, but we have also seen how Jonah has impacted their lives. Jonah helped Amy raise Parker — we would not be surprised if Parker looks at Jonah as his real dad and not Adam.

And while Adam raised Emma with Amy, they lived in the same house long enough to consider him as a stepfather, even if Amy and Jonah were not legally married.

Lowell: Glenn, I’m gonna tell you something painful, but you need to know. I didn’t exactly buy your dad dinner that night. Truth is, that night I offered your dad a chance to save his store. I told him I’d stop underselling him if he could prove he could run with the big dogs by eating a can of dog food. It was very funny.
Glenn: What’s the funny part?
Lowell: Well, he ate the dog food, and I closed his store anyway. I mean, you get it?
Glenn: I can see why Dad changed some details about that evening.
Lowell: Glenn, there are two kinds of people in this world. Weak people who eat dog food, and strong people who make them eat it. Now, what kind are you?
Glenn: Are we sure there’s just the two?

The point is, Jonah was heartbroken a million times over when Amy left. While we hope they get back together on the series finale, we are also relieved to see Jonah acknowledge how painful this year was for him, and we are happy to see him in a better place.

Despite Jonah insisting he is over Amy, the storyline suggests Amy’s return to Store 1217, especially since NBC announced America Ferrera’s return for the finale.

And in the last few minutes on Superstore Season 6 Episode 13, we find out how she will reappear — Cheyenne calls Amy and asks her to look into Lowell’s statement about Zephra closing Cloud 9 stores.

Considering the next episode is the series finale, it is not looking so hot for Store 1217, even though things are looking up for Jonah and Amy. We will just have to see how things play out! 

We want to hear from you, Fanatics!

What did you think about Superstore Season 6 Episode 13?

How do you feel about Store 1217 potentially closing?

Did the twist surprise you at the end of the episode?

Do you think Amy and Jonah will get back together?

Are you happy about Dina and Garrett’s relationship?

What do you want to see on the series finale?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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