Megan Fox & Sydney Sweeney Are Blood-Thirsty Vampires in Netflix’s Night Teeth Trailer

Halloween is fast approaching, and Netflix have just released the trailer for their latest addition to the season’s dark offerings, Night Teeth, which among other treats brings us Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney playing a pair of vampires that would have no trouble finding willing victims to sink their teeth into. Vampire movies have always taken one of two paths; scary monsters or sexy ones and with its modern styling, neon glamour and a healthy spattering of blood for good measure. With many streaming platforms going all out this year for Halloween, Netflix are seemingly going for the jugular with this one.

Night Teeth sees Jorge Lendeborg Jr. star as Benny, a freelance chauffeur who is hired by two girls to drive them around LA’s hottest nightclubs. He soon comes to realise that things are not quite as he thought and his passengers are not the party girls he believed them to be, but a pair of vampires, and before he knows it, Benny is caught up in a supremacy battle between the vampires of the city and his only hope of staying alive is to keep close to his new acquaintances. Debby Ryan well and truly ditches her Disney Channel roots as one of the bloodsucking duo, while Australian Lucy Fry continues her love of fantasy and horror roles, following her starring roles in the TV series Wolf Creek and Netflix’s Bright, as the second pain the neck for Benny.

When Ryan and Fry initially auditioned for the parts of the feisty females, they were initially cast in each other’s roles, having read for both parts, and once roles were decided they also went through the production doing most of their own stunts, becoming so good at hand-to-hand combat that an additional major fight was added into the movie that wasn’t in the original script. It is clear to see from the preview that it was worth the extra effort on their part.

The trailer gives a sense of what we can expect from the movie, which seems to fall in line with other modern takes on the vampire myth. There is a power struggle by the vampires who secretly control the city, seemingly without the knowledge of the human world, sex, violence and a lead protagonist that seems likely to fall for at least one of his leading vamps before the end of the movie. While the addition of Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney bring some style to proceedings, along with playing out to many fantasies in the process, the movie also has some other strong hitters among its cast.

Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen, known for playing the unfortunate Theon Greyjoy in all eight season of the George R R Martin series, appears in the movie as Victor, while Raul Castillo plays Benny’s bother Jay, fresh off success on Netflix’s recent zombie movie,Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. Mad Men’ s Bryan Batt and The Hunger Games’ Alexanger Ludwig round off the cast, along with Fox and Sweeney in their vampy roles of Grace and Eva respectively. Night Teeth arrives on Netflix on October 20th, just in time to join the horror filled Halloween line up.

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