Boost your income with these 10 popular side hustles

You can earn extra cash with a side hustle by doing something you enjoy in your spare time. You can use it to explore something you’re passionate about and make a profit on the side.

Whatever your situation is – whether you’re looking for a job, longing to retire, or working part-time or full-time – a side hustle will free up your cash flow so you can achieve your goals sooner.

1. Publish books

In addition to fulfilling your desire to write, writing and publishing short stories can also provide you with some extra money. Your stories can be published on Amazon in a matter of minutes by using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Through reviews and sales, you can build your credibility as an author and reach millions of readers worldwide. You’ll have to write your own sales copy and set your prices. Read this excellent guide on how to publish your first book with ease!

2. Photography

In your spare time, do you enjoy taking pictures? Perhaps you could turn it into a side business that could earn you some extra money? Finding a specific niche in which you’d like to work is the best way to start getting paid for your hobby. Could you, for instance, offer to take pictures of people’s pets or family portraits? How about volunteering to photograph a wedding on the weekend?

To be able to reach clients, you should have an online and offline portfolio, as well as a social media account where you can show off your work and advertise that you offer your services.

3. Deliver food and groceries

Delivering food and groceries is a good way to earn some money. Seeing as how it’s one of the hottest trends in the country, it’s also a great side hustle. You can make extra money on your terms by doing this, even if you don’t want people in your car.

During the night, restaurants are usually closed (and you may not make as much as traditional ridesharing); this is the only drawback. Despite this, it’s still a great way to earn extra money!

4. Start a blog

Growing a blog takes time, but if you do it consistently (e.g. 3 times a week) you can start earning $1,000 per month after 12 months.

However, the process does start slowly, and it is quite challenging. A blog, however, has nearly limitless growth potential! This is a great side hustle for the long term!

5. Tutoring

Tutoring kids online is a way for college graduates, or even teachers, to earn money. Teaching English as a second language online to children overseas is one of the hottest growing areas of demand right now.

A webcam at home is a must – so you’ll need good lighting, a good camera, and a mic, as well as some technical computer skills. It is also possible to find students in your area to tutor any subject offline.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing offers many ways to earn money online. You can make money freelancing online if you can read, write, program, make videos, or are open to learning a variety of skills. Even other businesses could outsource their bookkeeping to you!

There are many easy ways to get started online, including transcription work (think about all the podcasts that need transcription), online virtual assistant services, and even managing social media accounts online.

In conclusion, if you have even a little technology know-how or writing skills, the possibilities are endless.

7. Buy and resell

There are now a lot of people who make this their full-time career thanks to the advances in technology. You can see all kinds of people who hustle and resell stuff on Instagram if you search for flippers. Another great idea is to search online for Free Stuff for things you can resell. The possibility exists!

8. Create to sell!

Some people scavenge for things to sell, but others craft things to sell. Countless products can be sold online if you are a manufacturer.

There are endless possibilities for selling your products, from stationery and unique gifts to household goods and printables.

9. Babysitting or pet care

Are you a dog or kid lover? In your spare time, would you be interested in babysitting or dog walking for extra money? Are you sure you can find someone willing to pay you?

You can now connect online with people looking for your services through apps. As a result, it is easier to find, as well as trustworthy.

You will usually get good pay for the time and effort you put into these gigs if you have time.

10. Online surveys

It is important to include this because there are areas where you can earn money online. There is a real low-paying opportunity, but you can do it whenever you want.

When I was in college, I used to take these surveys as part of my education. If your computer is turned on, you can earn some money. However, there is a very low-income potential associated with this.

There’s many ways to mount up your side earnings, one could be branching out into betting. You could learn how to weigh up the odds of sporting results on a site like and you could be raking it in! Or there’s many other methods which I will cover below.

You can also test your own business ideas without having to quit your current job, which can also be an attractive opportunity for dreamers who want to be their own boss.

We hope you found this small article helpful. Best of luck on your journey to boost your income on the side!

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