Olivia Rodrigo Sour Album Full Track List | 2021

Break out the corkboard and red yarn because we’re ready to do a full-on investigation of all the song titles on Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour. After months of eagerly playing “Drivers License” on repeat, we finally got a glimpse at the album artwork for Rodrigo’s new album, and the vibe is definitely melted strawberry ice cream meets heartbreak. The cover features Rodrigo covered in colorful ’90s puffy stickers shaped like smiley faces, butterflies, stars, and other daydreamy designs that remind us of scribbling away in our journals about our crushes on Tuesday afternoons. The image of Rodrigo sticking her tongue out with the word “sour” spelled out in stickers perfectly captures the bittersweet breakup mood, but it’s the back of the album that’s really piqued our interest.

Enveloped in a party balloon ready to pop, the track list spells out the classic story of betrayal, anger, sadness, and reconciliation. Of course, “Drivers License” and “Deja Vu” have already made it onto our playlists, but there’s a whole narrative among the song titles, and we’re here to piece together the clues from all 11 track titles.

  • brutal: The curtains rise and the scene opens on a breakup. But who exactly is the face in the white cars? Hmm.
  • traitor: Oh no! The truth comes out and it looks like we have a traitor in our midst.
  • drivers license: Cue: Rodrigo giving herself time to reflect during a scenic drive through the suburbs.
  • 1 step forward, 3 steps back: Of course, moving on is never easy, and it’s difficult for her to move past the happy memories.
  • deja vu: Then the next track starts and Rodrigo’s ex has already moved on — to someone strangely similar to her.
  • good 4 u: Bitterness dissapates to acceptance, and we have our fingers crossed there’s a melancholy piano solo in this track.
  • enough for you: At this point in the album, we have to wonder: is this the “Blank Space”-style song we’ve been waiting for?
  • happier: Six songs later, she finally accepts that she’s better off without her ex, and we’re here for this energy.
  • jealousy, jealousy: After experiencing four of the five stages of grief, Rodrigo can’t shake her jealousy and lets it out in song form.
  • favorite crime: Despite all she and her ex have been through, there’s no denying that the relationship had its sweet moments, but it’s time to move on and move past her “favorite crime.”
  • hope ur ok: At the end of the day, Rodrigo hopes her ex is all right and wishes him well as she moves past her initial heartbreak.
  • Not everyone can craft the perfect breakup album, but something about this track list tells us we’re going to be playing it on repeat all summer long. Stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more starting May 21 or order a hard copy of Sour ($14) ahead to play on loop in your car next time you’re in the mood for a wistful sunset drive.

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